Enhance Your Talent - Add So Henna Brows or Eyelash Extensions to your Services 

Navigating the dynamic terrain of a beauty salon often involves routine procedures, but for a Lash Artist or a Brow Technician, integrating a new beauty treatment can reignite the spark in your professional journey. Expanding your expertise and client range is a brilliant strategy to elevate your standing and business in Australia. Let's explore the advantages of adding new treatments to your collection.

Eyelash Extensions

Brow Technicians seeking to diversify their services might find adding eyelash extensions an invigorating change. Enrolling in a Classic Lashes course through a renowned Lash Master Trainer could open doors to fresh opportunities.

Incorporating lash extension services can substantially increase your earnings and enhance your long term reputation as a beautician. This leads to a broader client base, more followers, and valuable experience for future ventures. The lash extension industry, similar to brows, is continuously evolving with new styles, treatments, and products, ensuring your growth as a beautician never stagnates. For the creative soul, lash extensions present numerous competition opportunities, showcasing your work, creativity, and networking with global industry enthusiasts. 

Eyelash extension application | London Lash Australia

Henna Brows

For Lash Technicians looking to delve into brow services, a henna brows course might be the perfect next step. The So Henna formula's versatility means you can tailor unique brows for each client. Its natural, cruelty free appeal attracts a wide range of health and eco conscious clients. However, as a newly qualified Brow Artist, remember to patch test your clients, as So Henna powder contains traces of natural PPD, which could trigger allergies.

Offering both lash extensions and henna brows makes you a one stop beautician for clients, combining convenience with increased earning potential. It's a win win situation!

Brow bomber application | London Lash España

Essentials for lash extensions

Starting with eyelash extensions involves initial investment but promises significant returns. Understanding this, leaders in the industry like London Lash support beginners with comprehensive Lash Extensions Kits, catering to everyone from newbies to pros. These kits are designed to be cost effective, saving you from buying individual items.

Creating your own lash extensions kit is possible, but be aware of what you're purchasing. Ensuring the right quantities and types of products, tools, and lashes is vital. Avoid the pitfall of buying unnecessary products that might expire before use. Our kits offer the essentials, helping you practice and refine your skills confidently.

Necessities for henna brows

Kicking off as a Henna Brows Technician also requires the right toolkit. A So Henna Starter Kit is recommended for beginners, simplifying the process of gathering necessary items.

A comprehensive kit should include various henna powders for different brow shades, precision tools like an angled brush and a Mixing Tool for accurate application, and measuring and mapping tools for perfect symmetry. Aftercare products like brow oil or soap are crucial for maintaining henna brow quality, and a quality brow shampoo is indispensable for skin preparation before application.

Expanding your service list with new beauty treatments is a worthwhile educational and financial investment. Develop your skills and become a versatile beautician when trained by professionals using beginner friendly products. We're proud of our educational ethos and are always here to assist with any queries. Feel free to contact us on Instagram - @london_lash_australia or click the Chat bubble for more guidance.