Mastering Curly Lashes - Tips for Perfect Eyelash Extension Application

Every pair of lashes presents its own set of challenges and joys, and those with natural curls are no exception. Whether you find them delightful or daunting, mastering the application of eyelash extensions on curly lashes is achievable with some clever tips and the right tools.

Choosing the Right Lash Tweezers

The journey begins with selecting the appropriate tweezers. Curly lashes require precise tools, so opt for tweezers designed for the task, like our Angled Isolation Tweezers or Curved Isolation Tweezers. These come equipped with ultra-fine tips that simplify isolating individual lashes, and their curved ends are perfect for navigating the natural bends of curly lashes, setting the stage for flawless application.

Curved Isolation Eyelash Extensions Tweezers | London Lash Australia

Selecting the Ideal Lash Curls

Next, consider the lash curls. For naturally curly lashes, selecting extensions that mirror the natural curl pattern, such as C-curls or CC-curls, is crucial. These shapes offer more surface area for the adhesive, ensuring a stronger bond and longer-lasting wear. As you grow more confident, experimenting with various curls can help tailor unique looks for your clients with curly lashes.

Selecting the Ideal Lash Curls | London Lash Australia

The Importance of Angles

Angle adjustment is critical when working with curls. Tweaking the angle of your hands and tweezers can greatly enhance the bond between the extensions and the natural lashes. It might feel awkward initially, but with practice, this technique will become a natural part of your application process.

Strategic Lash Placement

Placement is paramount, particularly for lashes with pronounced curls. If the tips of your client's natural lashes curl over significantly, attaching the extensions underneath can prevent them from clashing with the natural curl. For lashes that curl sideways, placing extensions on the opposite side can help achieve a more symmetrical look.

Selecting the Ideal Lash Curls | London Lash Australia

Essential Lash Tips

  1. Layers are Beneficial: Tackling the lashes in layers can simplify isolation and ensure each lash is properly attended to, leading to a neater application.

  2. Mapping is Crucial: Utilize lash mapping by marking the under eye patches with directional arrows that reflect the natural curl. This strategy aids in placing the extensions precisely, achieving a balanced aesthetic.

  3. Leverage a Little Lift: Sometimes, using eyelid tape to slightly lift the eyelids can make a significant difference, especially if the natural lashes are positioned lower, which complicates the application process.

Eyelid strip and eyelash extension | London Lash Australia

With persistence and practice, you'll refine your skills in applying extensions on naturally curly lashes. Embrace these strategies, experiment with new techniques, and soon, you'll excel in creating beautiful, enhanced curly lashes. Let your creativity lead the way and watch those stunning lash transformations unfold!