How Ombre Lash Extensions Blend Classic Black with Vibrant Colours


Simply put, ombre lash extensions are standard lashes with a touch of colour at the tips. They offer a subtle yet noticeable enhancement, making your lashes softer and a bit more daring, without being too flashy.

Let's explore the three new ombre lash options now available in the London Lash store, and provide some styling inspiration to help you get started with these unique lashes.

Ombre Lash Extensions | London Lash AU

Our ombre lash extensions come in three fabulous colours: pink, violet, and blue. Only the tips are coloured, giving a cute, subtle pop of colour that is understated but impactful!

Ombre Lashes blue | London Lash Australia

We selected pink, purple, and blue as they are the top choices in our coloured lash collection. These lashes are available in 0.07 thickness, our most popular for volume lash extensions, allowing you to create fans up to 5D.

To offer a variety of looks tailored to each client, these lashes come in mixed length trays from 8-14mm, and you can get them in C, CC, and D curls—our most popular curls!

Pink Two-Tone Ombre Lashes 0.07, Professional Eyelash Extensions at London Lash Australia

One more advantage of ombre lash extensions is that, with their black bases, you can continue using your usual lash glue rather than switching to a clear glue like Crystal Bond, which we recommend for fully coloured lash extensions.

Lastly, these lashes are made from the same soft, shiny, easy-to-fan fibre as our much-loved Mayfair faux mink lash extensions range. So, if you're familiar with our Mayfair lashes, these will feel quite similar while adding a new twist!


With just a hint of colour on the tips, ombre lash extensions are ideal for achieving those standard even top lines characteristic of the original Russian Volume technique, created by dropping down one millimetre as you move up a layer in the natural lashes.

The perfect top line - ombre lashes | London Lash España

This focuses the colour in one area, making it a bit more eye-catching when used across the entire eye. Even with this technique, the colour in ombre lash extensions remains subtle, meaning clients who want coloured lashes but are hesitant to fully commit can enjoy a pop of colour (and the attention it brings) in bright lights or daylight.

Violet Two-Tone Ombre Lashes 0.07, Professional Eyelash Extensions at London Lash Australia

This lash set by London Lash Master Artist and Trainer Iryna Prylypko uses a Cat Eye lash map in C and CC curl, from 9mm to 14mm.

Another way to use ombre lash extensions is to experiment with trendy styles like the Wet Look. The set below uses blue ombre lashes to create a playful version of Wet Look Lashes, enhanced by the blue but more subtle than fully coloured lashes.

blue ombre lashes | London Lash AU

Adding blue tips to the extremely popular Wet Look elevates it to a new level, softening the overall look by reducing the intensity that can come from using only black eyelash extensions.

There are endless ways to style ombre lash extensions, and we've only just begun to explore them! Don't forget to tag us in your ombre lash extension sets on Instagram! We can't wait to see what you create.