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STEP 5: Retention & Speed Booster




Retention & Speed Booster is one of the BESTeyelash products on the market and absolute must-have in every professional lash extension kit! 

Natural lashes can be smooth and silky, which can result in extensions ‘sliding off’. Due to its Alkaline qualities, Retention and Speed Booster gently opens the hair cuticles without damaging the natural lashes, enabling the glue to grab on the cuticles and hold better, improving your retention. 

When the Retention and Speed Booster is applied, natural lashes become “magnetic”. You don't need to hold the extension above the natural lash for a while to make it “grip” - so your treatment time improves significantly. 

If Retention and Speed Booster is applied on the base of the extensions strip, it helps to stop glue running up the fibre and closing the lash fans, making Russian Volume lash application faster and easier.

Retention & Speed Booster:

  • Improves retention 
  • Increases the speed of work 
  • Stops your fans from closing
  • Works with ANY adhesive
  • Cost-effective – 15ml bottle will last you for approx 150 – 200 clients!

 Do you want to try before you buy? Grab a sample here!

    Product details

    • 3 months of shelf life once opened
    • Capacity: 15ml and 2ml (sample size)

    How to use

    To increase the retention:

    Apply Retention & Speed Booster with a micro brush on natural lashes, after cleanser and primer to slightly open hair cuticles and increase the surface for better grip and adhesion. 


    To increase the speed of the treatment:

    Apply Retention & Speed Booster with a micro brush on the strip of the extensions in the box or on the lash palette to prevent the lash fan from closing during the "fanning". 


    IMPORTANT! Do not use on Easy Fanning lashes! Easy Fanning Lashes are made by connecting multiple layers of lashes with a very fine non-cyanoacrylate adhesive. Booster can melt this adhesive, making Easy Fanning lashes difficult to apply.

    Product properties

    Cruelty-free Retention boosting Vegan
    Queens Award 2020
    London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Amazing stuff!! ✨

    Absolutely LOVE the retention and speed booster! I’ve been using this for about 3 years now, and could never go without it now! It has increased my client’s retention a lot. It also makes fanning so much easier when put along the base of the lash strip. The fan holds together so much better at the base, so it makes it so much faster if you do handmade fans. My clients also comment on how nice it smells! 🥰 ✨

    Best lash product ever!

    This product literally changed my career, I rarely ever have to do any touch ups and clients are so satisfied with their retention. I recommend this product to all lash artists!

    Sam M.
    super great retention

    I'm so in love with Booster! 💕 I have been using it for the past few months, and I'm not going to look back! The glue is grabbing to the lashes much bette and my fans are finally not closing!!! 😅 I also really like the glass packaging - much more eco-friendly and pipette is easy to use. You've got yourself another loyal customer, thanks LLP!


    my retention is so great after using this product! I messaged one of LLP trainers about it and she was so kind to explain to me how it works, so I thought to try it! my clients are coming with loads lashes after 4 weeks and I also noticed I have less stickies. Love it so much xx

    every lash tech best friend

    I'm so in love with this product! It's a real game changer and I can't imagine working without it. I use it both on client's lashes and the lash strip - my retention is so good xx