Fiber Tip Volume Tweezer & Glue Remover Bundle



Never underestimate the power of good lash tweezers! The tweezers you use for eyelash extensions can be the difference between creating the sets of yours and your clients’ dreams, and wanting to give up on eyelash extensions once and for all!

If you’ve ever struggled to find the biting point of a new pair of tweezers (each pair is different, after all!) then these will be an absolute game changer for you! Our brand new Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers are ALL biting point thanks to the hex-textured fiber tip, so no need to spend time getting to know your tweezers – just grab and go! 

The best tweezer for volume beginners, but loved by Lash Techs of all levels! Due to the thicker foot, these tweezers are the ideal choice for those new to creating volume fans, as you have more control over the fan once you pick it up from the strip or from your fingers. These volume tweezers have been part of the London Lash collection since the very beginning, and have withstood the test of time for a good reason!

Just to let you know… 

Due to the texture on these Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers, any glue that gets on them can be a little trickier to clean off compared to your regular, untextured tweezers. This is why we created a bespoke bundle along with Glue Remover for Tweezers which gives you a 20% saving compared to when bought separately!

Product details

  • Made from high quality, black stainless steel
  • Features a textured hex grip on the inside of the boot for optimal grip
  • Ideal for picking up volume fans of all sizes thanks to the extra grip
  • Perfect for volume beginners
  • Due to the hex-textured grip, the entire boot serves as the biting point!
  • Comes with a bottle of Glue Remover for Tweezers for easy cleaning
    • 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz in a 20ml bottle
    • please note the bottle is half way filled with the remover liquid to avoid spillage
    • two random coloured sponge balls 
    • airtight inner lid for extended use and freshness
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Grabbing point: 10 mm
  • Weight: 13 gram
  • Autoclave and barbicide resistant
  • Material: durable SUS 420 J1 stainless steel

Fiber Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are perfect for:

  • making narrow and wide fans
  • different Russian Volume fanning techniques
  • beginner lash artists who struggle with creating volume fans (thin tip helps with a fan creation)
  • speedy volume using easy fanning lashes
  • picking premade fans

How to use

Due to the hex-textured grip, we recommend that in the event that you get glue on the foot of your tweezers you:

  • Immediately dip the tweezers into your Glue Remover for Tweezers
  • Allow the tweezers to sit in the Glue Remover for Tweezers for a few minutes to soak
  • Use the foam balls to thoroughly cleanse the tips of the tweezers
  • Wipe tweezers dry with a tissue before returning to yourTweezer Case
  • Repeat the process if glue is still present

If you leave the glue to dry on Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers, let them soak in the Glue Remover for tweezers for a while to soften the glue and make it easy to remove from the grooves in the hex-texture. If this is something that happens regularly, we recommend that you have a second pair of tweezers available so that you can let your tweezers soak between clients.

Queens Award 2020
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