Why You're Seeing Less Of Your Clients

It's not a nice feeling when a client doesn't rebook after their initial visit, a scenario all too familiar in the beauty biz. But you're not alone, and there's plenty you can do to flip the script and ensure your clients are as loyal as your lash glue! Let's dive into the common pitfalls and how you can keep your clients keen to return.

Bad Communication

A top reason clients ghost is mismatched expectations due to poor communication. Perhaps the lash look they dreamt of didn't materialise, or they had hopes higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A detailed chat before any lash magic happens is key. To avoid missteps, actively listen to what your client is after, showcase various lash maps, and have a chinwag about what'll best suit their peepers. Getting on the same page early on ensures trust and satisfaction.

Lash consultation | London Lash Australia

Quality is important

Clients are shelling out their hard earned cash for lashes that last, and they'll only stick around if they're pleased with the outcome. Investing in the best lash materials and glues is a surefire way to ensure your clients' lashes are sticking around as long as possible. Don't skimp on the prep work either; a meticulous pretreatment routine is essential for laying down the groundwork for durable lash art. It's also on you to school your clients on aftercare to keep their lashes looking ace. Recommend products like Lash Shampoo or Serum and remind them how to properly care for their new flutter. Nail the application, and you'll not only keep your clients but turn them into walking, talking billboards for your work!

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The ouch factor

No one's keen for a side of discomfort with their lash appointment. Pain or irritation can stem from rough technique or reactions to products. A patch test 48 hours prior can help flag any no-gos with your lash arsenal. If they're sensitive to traditional glues or under eye patches, switch it up with alternatives like clear glue or foam tape. Remember the gentle touch you learned in your training, check in for comfort, and use quality products to keep the ouches at bay.

Under eye patches for lash application | London Lash AU

Hit and miss bookings

If snagging an appointment feels like winning the lottery, clients might start looking elsewhere. They crave reliability in your schedule and service. Avoid last minute changes or complicated booking hoops; instead, offer a breeze of a booking experience, perhaps with online options. Being flexible and valuing their time will make them value yours.

Service with a smile

The vibe you set from the get go can make or break the client experience. From the moment they step into your space, make them feel like they're the main character. Quick to address any queries and always with a polite nod, ensuring their visit is more than just satisfactory.

Price and value

If clients reckon they're not getting enough for their money, they might bolt. Ensure your lash services are priced right; competitive yet reflective of your skill and the local demand. Peek at what other lash technicians are charging to position yourself smartly. Sprinkle in loyalty perks or promos to make them feel they're getting a sweet deal.

Stay Educated

The lash world doesn't stand still, and nor should you. Keeping abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and products shows your clients you're serious about providing top-tier service. Hit up workshops, network, and refresh your skills regularly to keep your offering fresh and exciting.

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Follow up fizzles

Lack of aftercare advice or follow up can leave clients feeling adrift. Arm them with solid aftercare tips and check in post appointment to nip any issues in the bud. This shows you're invested in their lash journey beyond the salon chair.

Feedback fear

Asking for feedback might feel like opening Pandora's box, but it's gold for growth. Whether it's a post visit survey or a casual chat, understanding their experience helps you evolve. Take the good with the bad, and use it to polish your practice.

Personal Touch 

Never underestimate the power of a personal connection. Clients will keep coming back if they feel seen and remembered. So, chat about more than just lashes, remember the small details, and make their visit memorable.

Lash technician and lash model | London Lash Australia

Tackling these common hiccups with a few tweaks can drastically improve your client return rate. Every client is an opportunity to excel, so make every interaction count. Building a thriving lash enterprise and a dedicated clientele takes time, but the rewards are as lush as a full set of lashes. Keep at it, and here's to happy lashing!