Prepare Your Lash Business for the Valentine's Day Rush

Valentine's Day is just around the bend, and as a Lash Tech down under, it's your golden chance to make your clients shine for their love filled celebrations. Whether they've got a romantic evening planned or are indulging in some self love, you have the opportunity to ensure your clients dazzle, while also boosting your business. Here are some top notch strategies and creative ideas to get your lash salon Valentine’s ready.

Valentine's day | London Lash Australia

Special offers and promotions for valentine's day

Begin your prep by introducing Valentine's specials in your salon. How about discounted rates on Classic or Russian Volume eyelash extensions? Create attractive packages that combine lash lifts with brow treatments. Throw in some freebies like lash tints or relaxing eye masks. These deals should make your clients feel cherished and your services irresistible. Use your social media, website, and newsletters to spread the word and attract new clientele.

Stock valentine's coloured lash extensions

Embrace the Valentine’s vibe by stocking up on eyelash extensions in romantic hues of pink, red, and white. These colours can add an element of love to any lash style, whether your clients are after a bold statement or a subtle nod to the occasion. Ensure you have a variety of shades and styles to offer.

Pink eyelash extensions | London Lash Australia


Promote valentine's themed lash styles

Unleash your creativity with unique Valentine's Day lash looks. Incorporate the aforementioned coloured extensions in styles like Manga lashes or add a dash of red glitter to Cat Eye lashes for a flirtatious effect. Showcase these styles on your digital platforms and in your salon to inspire your clients.

Gift cards for valentine's day gift

Gift cards are a fantastic Valentine’s gift and a great revenue booster for your salon. Offer special Valentine themed gift cards for partners to pamper their loved ones. Display these prominently in your salon and make them available online.

Love gift voucher | London Lash Australia

Valentine's gift ideas for lash enthusiasts

Consider stocking lash related products for the Valentine's season. Suggestions include:

  • Quality Lash Serums
  • Lash Aftercare Kits
  • Eyelash Extension Friendly Makeup
  • Lash themed Accessories like tumblers or silk pillowcases
Lash baddie tumbler | London Lash Australia

Decorate your salon with a touch of romance

Create a Valentine’s Day ambiance in your salon with heart shaped decorations, romantic banners, and other thematic decor. A beautifully adorned space will instantly set the mood for your clients.

Engage clients with social media campaigns

Leverage social media to engage clients. Run contests, ask for lash style ideas, and encourage clients to share their lash looks with a hashtag like #ValentineLashes. Encourage tagging of partners to hint at the perfect Valentine’s gift. This will increase your online presence and foster a sense of community.

Personalised client experience 

Go above and beyond by offering your clients personalised touches like Valentine’s Day cards, complimentary drinks, or a treat station with chocolates and sweets. These small gestures make a big impact.

Valentine's Day is an ideal time for Lash Techs in Australia to showcase their creativity, enhance their business, and express appreciation to their clients. By following these tips, you’re all set to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable. Spread the love, one lash at a time!

We’re eager to see the stunning lash looks you create for Valentine’s Day, so remember to tag us on Instagram for us to admire!