How To Choose The Perfect Lash Mapping Styles For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes, characterised by a prominent brow bone and a deep-set crease, can be a challenge when it comes to lash extensions. However, with the right lash mapping styles and techniques, you can accentuate the beauty of hooded eyes and make them pop. In this article, we'll delve into the best lash mapping styles for hooded eyes, the ideal curls and lengths to choose from, and the reasons behind these choices. Let's get started!

Lash extensions on hooded eyes

Understanding Hooded Eyes

Before diving into the lash styles, it's essential to understand the unique characteristics of hooded eyes. The eyelid appears smaller, with the crease set deeper into the eye. This can sometimes make the eyes look droopy or sleepy. The goal with lash extensions for hooded eyes is to open up the eye area, making it appear larger and more awake.

Best Lash Mapping Styles for Hooded Eyes

The best lash mapping style will depend on the shape of the eye itself, but the two that we usually recommend are Dolly and Squirrel, as these are the most natural, eye-opening styles which are perfect for hooded eyes.

Dolly: This style focuses on placing longer lashes in the centre of the eye. It helps in creating an illusion of a more rounded eye, drawing attention to the middle and making the eyes appear more open.

Squirrel: For those looking for a slightly more dramatic look, the Squirrel eye style is perfect. It involves placing the longest lashes at the arch of the eyebrow, giving an elongated, lifted appearance to the eyes, similar to a cat eye but a little bit less intense.

Squirrel lash mapping for eyelash extensions 

Choosing the Right Curls and Lengths

The curl and length of the lash extensions play a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of hooded eyes. Always consider the client’s natural lash curl to make sure the curl you choose is suitable for them, but some of the most commonly used curls for these styles are:

C-Curl: This is a moderate curl that offers a natural lift. It's perfect for hooded eyes as it opens up the eye without being overly dramatic.

CC-Curl: Again, CC curl still gives a natural lift but has a little more curl to it, if your clients want a bit more drama, this curl will deliver.

L Curl: For clients who want very lifted, glamorous lashes, L curl is the best option as the stem of the lash is straight before angling upwards. This gives the lash extension the chance to come away from the hooded eye. Opting for a D curl could be too curly as it may curl under the hood or touch the brow bone, which would be very annoying for your client!

Different lash curls

Lengths: For hooded eyes, it's best to avoid extremely long lashes as they can weigh down the eyes, making them look even more droopy. Instead, opt for medium lengths to ensure a natural look while still providing the desired length and volume.

Why These Choices Matter

Many people with hooded eyes don’t think lash extensions are for them or avoid them because they won’t look good or they’ve previously had bad experiences with poorly placed extensions. Being able to make informed choices to suit each unique client is crucial when it comes to providing a great experience and making your clients feel beautiful! The correct style can enhance the natural beauty of the eyes, making them the focal point of the face, and by choosing the right curl and length, you can give a lifted and refreshed look to the eyes, making them appear more awake.


Hooded eyes have a unique charm, and with the right lash mapping styles and techniques, their beauty can be accentuated. By understanding the characteristics of hooded eyes and choosing the appropriate styles, curls, and lengths, you can achieve a stunning look that complements the natural beauty of the eyes. Now, get some gorgeous lash pics of hooded eyes and add them to your portfolio to attract clients, and don’t forget to tag us!