The Angel Lashes Trend: Stay Up To Date!

In the beauty world, there are always new trends popping up. The newest lash extension trend is 'Angel Lashes,' and we’re obsessed! Ethereal, delicate, and undeniably captivating, angel lashes are a perfect choice for wispy lash lovers. In this in-depth guide, we'll unravel the mystique of angel lashes, delving into their unique allure and the meticulous artistry behind crafting this divine look.

Understanding Angel Lashes

Unlike the uniform appearance of traditional lash extensions, angel lashes stand out for their multi-dimensional, wispy eyelash extensions effect. By blending different lash lengths and curl types, they create a light, fluttery, feather-like appearance reminiscent of an angel's wing, hence the name.

Angel lashes are a new wispy lashes trend

Why Angel Lashes?

Natural Appearance:One of the standout features of angel lashes is their ability to mimic the natural variation in lashes, think light Classic lashes but with texture and depth. This results in a more organic look, setting them apart from other lash extensions that some clients may feel are too structured or artificial.

Versatility:Angel lashes are a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of eye shapes. Whether almond, round, or monolid, these lashes can be tailored to enhance and complement the natural beauty of every eye, making them a favourite among diverse clientele.

Drama Without Overdoing: Angel lashes strike a harmonious balance. They add volume, texture, length, and drama without being overpowering. This makes them perfect for both day-to-day wear and special occasions, offering a touch of glamour without feeling too heavy on the face - it’s the perfect combination!

Crafting the Angel Lashes Look

The foundation of any great lash application lies in the preparation. Start by ensuring that the natural lashes are meticulously cleaned with the London Lash Cleanser to ensure they are free from makeup, oils, or any residue. You should then follow this step with Protein Remover Pads, Lash Primer, and Booster (if this is something you incorporate into your pretreatment routine). Pre-treatment sets you up for success and creates the perfect surface for lash extension adhesion.

To achieve the ethereal Angel lash look, aim for a top layer that's intentionally uneven. This approach might feel like it's breaking some Lash Tech rules, but the final look is truly captivating. For this celestial lash design, consider using extensions such as our Mayfair or Chelsea range, spanning from 7 mm to 10 mm. For the foundational texture, choose 8 mm lashes at the base, 9 mm in the middle, and a fluttery 10 mm on top.

Angel lashes lash map for wispy natural lashes

To accentuate this style and truly create that wispy lash look, it’s crucial to add spikes. Pick lashes with diameters between 0.05 and 0.07 to create delicate 2D lash clusters. Use a lash Primer on a Micro Fiber eyelash brush and apply it to the extensions whilst they are still on their strip. This will help you to achieve those dramatic spikes as they won't open up! A word of caution: when using the Primer on the lash tips, avoid making them too wet. Excessive moisture can alter the drying speed of your lash adhesive, potentially affecting the application and retention of the extensions

Making lash spikes using lash primer

The Angel Lashes trend is a testament to the beauty industry's continuous evolution. It embodies the modern preference for natural yet glamorous lashes. Mastering this trend is not just an addition to your skill set but a reflection of their commitment to offering the latest and best to your clients, which will create a lifetime of return clients!

It's a style that we believe is here to stick around, so what are you waiting for?! Add it to your repertoire. Make sure to tag us in your Angel Lashes pics! We can’t wait to see your looks.