The Half Lashes Trend with Lash Extensions: How to Achieve This Look

One of the most popular lash trends of 2023 and one that will continue to make waves in the lash world is the half lashes trend. This style, while not entirely new, has gained significant popularity recently, offering a unique and captivating look. As a Lash Technician, understanding and mastering this trend is essential to cater to the diverse preferences of your clients. Let's dive into what this trend entails and how you can achieve it.

Understanding the Half Lashes Trend

A half set of lashes meant applying extensions to only 50% of the natural lashes. This approach provided a lighter, more natural appearance but often led to noticeable gaps when lashes naturally fell out. However, the trend has evolved. Now, it's all about accentuating the outer corners of the eyes, mimicking the effect of sectioned strip lashes for a cat-like, sweeping look. This style keeps the inner corners light and natural, offering a striking contrast and an eye-catching aesthetic.

Half lashes with lash extensions

Why Choose Half Lashes?

The half lashes trend is not only a stylish choice but also offers several practical benefits. It is time-efficient, as applying a half set of lashes takes less time compared to a full set due to the reduced number of lashes involved, but, you must be well versed and know what you are doing when it comes to placement and blending of lashes before you jump into this look. Less time doesn’t mean less skill involved. Additionally, it’s extremely versatile as this technique is suitable for both classic and Russian lashes, catering to a wide range of client preferences. Most importantly, this trend is known for its unique style, offering a distinctive lifting cat-eye look that is becoming increasingly popular. It is soft but dramatic all at the same time!

How to Achieve the Perfect Half Lashes Look

Start Short: Begin with shorter lengths (we’re talking 6mm or 7mm!) to blend seamlessly with natural lashes, gradually extending to longer lengths towards the outer corners. The map you will be following is an exclusive from London Lash, inspired by the lifting effect of the iconic cat eye lash map and the framing of a squirrel lash map, our half set map gives your client the results and benefits along with style and uniqueness.

Light and Wearable: Opt for fine classic lashes (0.10 and 0.12) or light volume lashes (0.05) with small fans for an everyday look. This is important as the idea of this look is to be as natural as possible, so the lash extensions need to mimic the natural lashes, giving your client a very effective yet natural blend between their natural lashes and extensions.

Texture and Spikes: For a wispier look, you can mix closed and open fans for added texture and soft fluff, but remember to keep the spike length only slightly longer than the fan length to ensure a natural result.

Colour Variation: For clients wanting a very natural look, use black-brown lashes instead of jet black for an extension of their natural beauty! You can also blend black-brown lash extensions and black lask extensions for a more seamless effect. And if you want to go the extra mile for a natural outcome, use Crystal Bond clear lash glue, this way the lash line will dry clear, leaving a very subtle and natural result.

Curl Selection: Of course, we’re also going to recommend opting for a natural curl! Start with a soft curl like a C curl for a smooth transition, and for an extra flick in the outer corners, why not experiment with L curl lashes?

Half lashes mapping

Tips for Lash Technicians

Our first tip is that client consultation is crucial; it's essential to have a clear understanding of the client's expectations for their half set of lashes. This ensures that the final result aligns with their desired look. Here, you can also assess the client’s lashes to see if they’re healthy, weaker, or maybe even brittle. For clients with naturally weaker lashes, the half set is perfect, as their eyelashes will be supporting only half of a full set.

Second, customisation plays a vital role. Technicians should skillfully tailor the length, thickness, and curl of the lashes to complement the client's natural lash line and the look they aspire to achieve, as creating this super-natural look will be different for every client. Lastly, providing comprehensive aftercare advice is imperative. Educating clients on how to properly care for their half lashes is even more important than ever, as they have fewer lashes to begin with. Make sure they schedule an infill for two weeks time, as anything past this may result in their lashes feeling very sparse. These steps collectively ensure a satisfying and lasting lash experience for the client.

Lash extensions consultation

The half lashes trend is more than just a fleeting fashion statement; it's a testament to the creativity and versatility in the world of eyelash extensions and a movement towards embracing natural beauty. As a Lash Technician, embracing this trend can expand your skill set and offer your clients a unique and captivating look. Remember, the key to mastering this trend lies in understanding the nuances of lash mapping and styling to create a seamless and striking appearance.