Not Just A Pretty Face | Why Having An Ergonomic Lash Pillow Is The Key To Business Success

We get it. Starting up a lash business can get pretty expensive, pretty quick. The thing is though, that by spending a little extra to begin with is only going to set you up for success both in terms of how happy you clients will be with your overall treatment, but also where your (and their) health is concerned. 

Things like good lighting are essential for a good salon setup as it protects our eye health while we’re looking at very small things very intensely for hours at a time, but a good lash extensions pillow is something which is often overlooked or is put lower down on the list for later – they’re not essential, right? Well, let us tell you all of the good things about our London Lash memory foam pillow, and you can decide…

It’s Ergonomically Designed

Yeah we know; ergonomic sounds like the biggest marketing buzzword going, but the thing is that ergonomic really just means that it’s designed to do a good job of keeping you safe, comfortable, and healthy in your workspace and it’s not just designed for aesthetics. 

In our Lash Pillow’s case, it is aesthetically pleasing as well, but the design of it is to help you to stay in the best position for your spinal health whilst keeping your client comfortable for the duration of the treatment. 

Our Lash Memory Foam Pillow features a sloped neck support which keeps your client’s neck and head in the correct alignment, and has a head-shaped well which keeps their head at the right angle for you to work comfortably without leaning a long way over the pillow, and without them being at a strange angle that’s difficult to stay in for the whole treatment. Remember, a comfortable client is a stationary client – less wiggling means a faster treatment and a neater lash set. It’s a win win. 

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It’s Very Good Foam

That’s selling it short, to be honest. The foam that our lash extensions pillows are made from has been developed in a really specific way, and was the last in a long line of other inserts we tried back when we were developing these pillows. 

As well as being super supportive for your clients, this foam is antibacterial and mite resistant, doesn’t harbour dust or any weird stuff, and doesn’t hold onto any moisture either which means that it doesn't interfere at all with the behaviour of your glue. When we said this was developed with your health in mind, we weren’t saying it lightly!

The Pillow Case Is Wipeable

If you’ve been shopping with us for a while, you might remember that we had a velvety pillow case on our lash extensions pillows. We did have separate pillow cases available so you wouldn’t be left without a case on your pillow while you put your case in the laundry, but we’ve gone one better with these in that the faux-leather design is completely wipeable, meaning you don’t even need to have any unsightly bedroll on the pillow for each client. Just grab your disinfectant spray or wipes (bonus points if the wipes are biodegradable!) and give it a wipe to cleanse, ready for the next client. 

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It Looks Good

You shouldn’t really overlook the importance of aesthetics, especially in our industry! Having those finishing touches to your space really shows your clients that you mean business and shows then that they’re in safe hands. Decor says so much about us as individuals, and says a lot about businesses too – a pretty, well-kept space will make your clients feel way more relaxed and is the first step to them leaving a really great review as it gets you off to a great start where their opinion of the overall experience with you is concerned. 

All things considered, you can be forgiven for thinking that a lash pillow doesn’t need to be at the top of your list just yet where necessities are concerned, but consider that there are so many pluses to having one that it makes sense to make a bit of a larger purchase just to make sure you’re all set up, and can hit the ground running! 

By the way, did you know we offer afterpay? Lash now, pay later!