Summer Care Tips For Your Clients | A Seasonal Guide To Lash Extensions

As summer rolls in, bringing with it the promise of sunny days and warm evenings, the excitement is palpable. However, the joy of the season might be slightly dimmed for you and your clients when faced with the challenges summer brings to lash extensions. Suddenly, you're dealing with extensions that refuse to stick, clients reporting faster than usual lash loss, and lash adhesive setting too quickly. It's a familiar scenario, you glance at your hygrometer and thermometer only to confirm the dreaded truth, your lash room is a hot and humid nightmare!

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Keeping your lash studio at ideal conditions becomes paramount, not just for the adhesive's sake, but also in coaching your clients on proper aftercare. Once they leave your studio, the longevity of their lash extensions rests in their hands. You've done your part brilliantly, now it's their turn to maintain them.

Summer aftercare essentials

Facing the challenges of high heat and humidity or if your clients are heading off to tropical paradises, here are ten essential tips for them to follow to ensure their lash extensions last.

1. Avoid water for 24 hours

It's crucial that clients avoid getting their new lash extensions wet for the first 24 hours post application. This ensures the adhesive fully cures without becoming brittle, which could compromise lash retention. Consider applying Superbonder at the end of each session to instantly cure the glue while maintaining its flexibility, especially beneficial for clients prone to swimming, showering, or shedding tears soon after their appointment.

2. Steer clear of steam for 48 hours

High humidity is the enemy of lash extensions, as it can weaken the bond between the lash and the adhesive, leading to early shedding. Advise clients to avoid steamy environments such as bathrooms post shower, as well as saunas and hot tubs. Suggest showering in cooler water and ensuring bathrooms are well ventilated.

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3. Avoid lash contact 

It should go without saying, but clients must avoid pulling or rubbing their lashes. Such actions not only risk the extensions but can also damage natural lashes at the root, potentially causing permanent loss.

4. Daily brushing

Encourage daily brushing of the lash extensions with a clean mascara wand to keep them looking their best. Regular brushing can remove debris and maintain the desired lash orientation. Include a lash wand in your client’s aftercare kit to encourage good habits.


5. Say no to mascara

Clients might not even consider mascara post extensions, but it's worth advising against it. Mascara, especially oil based or waterproof types, can clump extensions and weaken the adhesive bond. Remind clients that the beauty of lash extensions is their ease, particularly in the summer heat where mascara could smudge or run.

6. Opt for oil-free sunscreen

Remind your clients about the importance of oil-free products around the eyes, including sunscreen. Oils can degrade the lash adhesive over time, so recommending oil-free options for sun protection and other skincare products is wise.

7. Avoid saltwater and chlorine

While synthetic lash extensions are waterproof, excessive exposure to saltwater and chlorine can damage the adhesive bond. For avid swimmers, suggest wearing lash-friendly goggles to protect their extensions.

8. Lash cleansing is crucial 

Daily cleansing with a suitable lash shampoo and brush is essential for maintaining both hygiene and extension longevity. After the initial 24 hours, using a foaming lash cleanser can help maintain cleanliness and retention, presenting a great retail opportunity for your studio.

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9. Keep up with infills 

Encourage clients to schedule infills every 2-3 weeks, depending on their natural lash growth and care routine. Regular maintenance helps avoid sparse looking lashes and can be more cost effective than waiting for a full new set.

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10. Wear a sweatband

For the active clients, suggest gently wiping the face with a towel or wearing a sweatband to avoid sweat and dirt buildup on the lashes, maintaining their pristine condition.

TOP TIP! Offer an aftercare card with these tips and more to ensure your clients have all the information they need to enjoy durable, beautiful lash extensions throughout the summer.

Enjoy the summer vibes and the ease of a low maintenance beauty routine with these lash care tips. Whether it's poolside relaxation, beach lounging, or outdoor adventures, these guidelines will help your clients and their lashes thrive this season.