London Lash Collaborative Project

Campaign Info:

London Lash is looking for a few lash technicians to collaborate with and showcase their work during the month of June. This campaign aims to celebrate and promote the artistry and skills of lash technicians in Australia.

We have been searching for talented lash technicians in Australia, and if you have been contacted, it means we LOVE your work!

What does it entail?

On one day in June, we will highlight you as a professional lash tech, either via email and/or social media, and publish your headshot picture, business name, and a picture of any of your lash works that you love.


Why Participate?

By joining this campaign, you will gain increased visibility and recognition within the lash community, attract potential new clients, and have the chance to network with other top professionals in the industry. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight your expertise and grow your personal brand!


What else are we looking for?

Each day we will focus on one specific topic and your insights on the matter. We will need a short text from you on your thoughts that we can showcase on the day. Ideally, if you have any video content, we can also publish this alongside your picture and text, making it as engaging as possible.

We want you to be comfortable and passionate about the topic, so we are happy for you to choose a different topic than the one we suggest if there is a specific topic you want to highlight!


Our suggestions are: 

  • Lash glue: Do you have any tips on how to get the best out of your lash glue? For example, do you do anything different in the winter season to ensure your glue performs at its best? What are your most essential lash glue accessories? Are there any tips you would give to beginner lash techs on how to find their perfect glue?
  • Pre-treatment: What's your lash pre-treatment routine? What's your favourite product in the lash pre-treatment routine? Any tips to slay at pre-treatment?
  • Starting a lash business: What’s your best advice for starting a lash business, and how has it changed your life? Any tips for lash techs starting in the industry?
  • Lash sets: How do you create your favourite lash map? Do you have any tips on how to do lash maps in general?
  • Social media as a lash tech: We can see you excel at content creation on Instagram. Do you have any tips or hacks for lash content creation that have helped you grow your business?
  • Lash hacks: Could you give us your tips on how to make the perfect lash fan? Are there any hacks you love to facilitate or speed up your work?


We look forward to seeing your incredible work and celebrating the artistry of lash technicians in Australia!