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Easy Fanning Mega Volume Lashes 0.03


We ALL love a wispy lash look, right? Absolutely! Over the last few years - thanks to the likes of Kim K, Kylie Jenner and lash techs everywhere, wispy lash looks have DOMINATED our social feeds! Well, you’ll be pleased to know that now you can create that highly sought-after wispy lash look EASILY!

London Lash’s Easy Fanning Lashes in 0.03 are super soft and lightweight, making them perfect for creating the coveted wispy Kimmy K lash look AND glamorous mega volume sets!

The finer diameter of the easy fan lashes allows for larger and fluffier fan creation resulting in that perfect instagrammable dramatic Russian volume lash look your clients demand WITHOUT damaging the natural lash!

The multilayered strips of our Best Selling easy fanning lashes allow you to grab fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation and shorter treatment time - a dream for EVERY lash artist and their clients!

P.S - we just wanted to let you know that you DO NOT need to use Booster with these lashes! They won’t close due to their shape, and Booster will actually make them HARDER to fan as it will affect the glue on the bases.

The Vegan Society
Certified by The Vegan Society
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rhonda Adams
Longer lengths.

Love these lashes so easy to work with,longer lengths would be amazing.x

Dee Richardson

Loved this easy fan tray. I bought one just to try and so easy to make a fan and loved that these create a wispy fan with the mixed lengths….only downside for me is I think I had a faulty tray as one strip of the 11,12,13 wouldn’t fan and you could see the glue on the base of the strip stretch real tacky when trying to remove the lashes from it. But it want stop me purchasing these again in my next order :)

Victoria Etchells
Found these beauties through a friend and haven't looked back

My friend kindly gifted me the 0.3 Easyfan and honestly my eyelashes never looked so good! I'm actually ordering more in so London Lash thank my friend as you now have a new customer ❤

Bellakarla Coco Johansson
i LOOOVE easy!

smash Bang! easy lashes are so easy to use! My mest is 0,3 - try Them out! ❤️

Katie Taylor
Best easy fan lashes ever!

I’ve tried a good range of easy fan lashes and I fell in love with these the second I started working with them, I won’t use any lashes other than these now, they’re really easy to fan, and super light so they don’t damage the natural lash with the weight, also speeding up lash time because they’re that easy to fan!