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STEP 2: Protein Removing Cleaning Pads (75 pads)



Did you know that an incorrect pre-treatment is one of the reasons for poor retention? 

A good pre-treatment routine is a MUST if you want to make sure the set of eyelash extensions you have just spent hours on will last! 

  • Formulated to remove any makeup traces, natural oils and proteins
  • Contain Amino Acid Complex, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract
  • The small circular design of the 1 pad will allow you to carefully clean lashes and eye area leaving lashes and skin fresh and nourished
  • 1-2 pads are enough for one client
  • 75 pads per jar

How to use

  1. Take one protein pad and place it around your finger to create a pointy shape. 
  2. Gently wipe the lashes, eyelids and the skin underneath the eye until you remove all leftover makeup and oils. For deep cleaning of the lash line, watch our PRE-TREATMENT TIP video
  3. For an extra deep lash cleanse, pair with our Lash Shampoo as Step 1 and Protein Pads as Step 2. 
  4. Protein Removing Pads can also be used during the infills to clean the eye area or lash line (using micro-fibre brushes). 

    Top Tip! Protein Removing Pads is a great eye make-up removal retail product for your clients. Why not offer your client a quality product for best after care?

Product properties

Cruelty-free Gluten-free Vegan
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Brilliant pre treatment product. Wouldnt be without this! And a pack lasts ages so great value for money

Very good

I found this when I had my first training in classic Eyelashextension and I can say that is a game changer 🔥👏some of my client's doesn't like having a lash bath before and this Protein removing pads are the best way to clean their lashes❤

Ann-Christin Schönberg
Best pre-Treatment

I love any product of London lash . Especially this one for cleaning the lash and giving the lash the perfect preparation for lashing .
Thanks guys for that amazing and easy to use product !

Anita Kovacs
Good product for lifting

U like to use them when I doo eyelash Lifting as so good to clean up any remaining bits from tint after lash Lift


A must have for every lash artist! Perfect for preparing those lashes for a fabulous long-lasting set. I am using it as a last prep step just before I start the extension application