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Cream Eyelash Extensions Remover (5g)




Our best selling Creamy eyelash extensions remover is designed to remove eyelash extensions safely and easily:

  • once applied, stays on the extensions and does not leak into the eyes
  • bright pink “easy to see” colour helps to apply and after, clean the remover off easily
  • perfect product for those clients who have sensitive eyes
  • Removal time - 10 mins to 45min depending on:
  1. Amount of extensions applied (it takes longer to remove a full lash set as the remover needs to reach every single glue bond and creamy consistency doesn’t always allow it when the lashes are “packed” together. In this case removal process is being done in stages - top lash layer is getting removed first and then we remove the bottom layer)
  2. How “recent” the set is (it takes a long time to “de-bond” the fresh 1-2 weeks set, and it takes significantly less time to remove old 3-6 weeks lash set)
  3. Amount of glue used during the application (the more glue used, the longer it takes to “melt” it).

How to use

Using a micro brush, apply a generous layer of the remover directly onto the glue bonds. Leave for 10-45 mins (depending on the amount of extensions, how fresh is the set and the amount of glue used) and remove gently with dry cleansing brushes or tweezers. Ensure that remover and traces of adhesive are fully removed with dry brushes before you use other products.


LONDON LASH TIP: Please note that if you use any liquid to remove the traces of the remover - lashes might turn white as the traces of melted adhesive will shock polymerise. After all the traces of the remover and adhesive are fully cleansed with dry brushes, use Protein Removing Pads to make sure the eye area is completely clean. If you wish to continue with the application of a new set, after cleaning the eyes, follow the usual pre-treatment steps and use a cleanser and primer.


PLEASE NOTE: Remover needs to be applied with care. The product should NOT come into contact with the skin or eyes.

Product properties

Cruelty-free Formaldehyde-free Gluten-free Guanine-free Paraben-free Vegan
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Elizabeth Morrison
So quick and easy

Wanted a break from lash extensions for a while and Had 30% of my lash extensions left so did’nt really want to book in to have them removed since it was such a small amount, but also did’nt want to damage my natural lashes.
I know this product is not reccomended for use at home.
But i put a folded cotton wool pad under my lashes, applied the cream with a cottom bud, and kept sweeping the cotton bud through my lashes, and they began melting off in minutes.
Does stint a bit if you get it in your eyes, but if your careful enough you can prevent this.
Amazing product, only critique is that i wish it was available in different sized pots as i will just use once then throw away. But the pot would not be big enough to do the number of clients a lash tech would reguarly see.

Easy to use, works well

I used this product tonight after doing my own lashes at home. It worked perfectly. A very small amount goes a very long way! It worked quick, within about 1-2 minutes. It doesn’t sting or cause any irritation for me, I even got a small bit in my eye and didn’t feel anything. It doesn’t have any odour. I was really nervous to use it, especially doing it myself at home, but it was brilliant. The pot will last me a long time but I’d definitely buy it again and would recommend for anyone, professional or not, to use it to remove eyelash extensions. It’s a great product if you’re a beginner like myself too.

Good but…

Pretty pink colour.A little too pricy considering there the container is already so tiny and is not filled up fully.

Hi Princess,

Thank you for leaving a review

We're really sorry to hear you were a bit disappointed with the pricing and quantity of our Cream Remover.

Back in 2019, we switched to glass containers for the Cream Remover in an effort to make the packaging more sustainable than the plastic pots we had at the time. At that time, we also decided to reduce the amount of product from 15g to 5g based on customer feedback that they simply weren't able to use the full 15g within the expiry date (6M from opening).

A little bit of Cream Remover goes a long way - we recommend applying with a microbrush to ensure that only small amounts are used. Even if you are exclusively removing full sets, you'll still be able to get many more than 5 uses out of a single jar of remover

If you have any further queries on this product please contact out amazing customer advisors at and they will more than happy to assist you!


Gabriela Mintel
Like the color

I like that this is pink, it helps me to see the remover and clean it very well. I struggled with a clear remover and was getting lots of white bits on lashes but now it is easy to clean and see. Removes lashes quickly

Quick and easy

I like it cause it's quickly removing lashes and is easy to clean. Great colour so easy to spot it from between the lashes.