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LED Light



Want to get the very best content for your social media? Take photos and videos of your lashes, brows, and gel nail designs ever with one simple accessory!

Introducing the most portable lighting solution for your lash, gel nail, and brow photos yet. The London Lash LED light has multiple lighting options and brightness settings to help you get the perfect shot each and every time.

No more strobing! Thanks to the built-in professional LED driver chip, there will be no ripples and stroboscopic phenomenon while shooting, keeping your videos crisp and high quality.

Feeling creative? This clip on LED light has RGB functionality, meaning you can change up the colour of your photos and videos AND add cinematic lighting effects to your videos!

For lighting as versatile as your lash sets, all you need is this one little accessory!

Product details

  • LED colour rendering index ≥95, true colour reproduction 
  • Brightness adjustable ( 0-100%)
  • Ultra-wide colour temperature range: 3000K-6500K adjustable
  • Built-in 3.7V 4000mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery 
  • USB-C charging port
  • Easy to hold for perfect lighting every time


Please note: As with any lithium battery, you may start to notice that more frequent charges are necessary over time. This is perfectly normal, and is simply due to rechargeable batteries having a finite lifespan. 

How to use

We advise that you carefully read through the manual before using your light for the first time, and keeping it somewhere safe for future reference.


Standard Function

  • To turn the light on, simply long-press the [⊙/M] button. The light will turn on and the digital display will show the current battery level. 
  • Short press the  [⊙/M] button to switch between lighting modes, using the + and - buttons to brighten or dim as required. 
  • Long-press again to power down.
  • To adjust hue and saturation, press the [SET] button and use the + and - buttons to warm or cool the light as required. 


As there are so many lighting effects, colours and functions on this light, we recommend that you check out the instruction manual that comes with the light. Don’t worry – it’s short, but it’s super helpful! 




  1. Before the first use, ensure the light is completely charged.
  2. Once the light has reached full charge, remove the power cord and store it safely for next time.
  3. If you have not used the light for a long time, you will need to charge it again before use.
  4. To prolong the life of your battery, please ensure that you are not leaving it to charge for extended periods, and that you always charge it to full capacity before use.
Queens Award 2020
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