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Tweezer Holder



The newest addition to our bespoke storage collection - Tweezer Holder!

Tired of constantly looking for your tweezers or dropping them by accident? Look no further!

Our Tweezer Holder is designed to not only protect your tweezers but also look sleek and elegant on your trolley!

  • Perfectly protects tweezers from any accidental damage and environmental factors
  • Ensures your tweezers are always in one place

Important: Tweezers are NOT included.

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Product details

  • Black, stylish design
  • Includes 8 slots for tweezers
  • Fits all London Lash tweezers
  • Measurements: 17.6cm x 4cm x 15cm


Please note: When storing your tweezers in the Tweezer Holder, it is very important that they are clean and completely dry to avoid any tarnishing, rusting or discolouration.


Important: Tweezers are NOT included.

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I have quite a small trolley and I love the way this stores all of my tweezers without taking up to much space. It's very easy to clean, and obvs keeps my tweezers clean and hygienic as well which is super important - especially now! I've not had it long but I do wonder what I ever did before it! I'm pretty clumsy so I've dropped a few pairs of tweezers during my career, and having them all to hand and SAFE has made a big difference to me! Genuinely love this, can't really praise it enough haha