A Deep Dive Into Foaming Lash Cleanser: Get to Know Lash Shampoo Like Never Before!

One of the staples of any lash kit is Foaming Lash Shampoo, but why exactly is it a go-to product of so many lash techs all over the world? We know we’ve been focusing a lot on pre-treatment recently, but we couldn’t possibly overlook Foam Cleanser. Besides, pretreatment is such a majorly important part of any lash extensions treatment that knowing everything there is to know can only be a positive! 

So, What’s Good About It?

What’s not? Foaming Lash Shampoo is super easy to use and provides a really good thorough cleanse of the eyelid area and the lash line. Using Foam Cleanser gets rid of the vast majority of makeup and skincare residue around the eyes and lashes prior to treatment, and it also provides your clients with a lovely deep and gentle cleanse of their lashes when used at home as well. 

London Lash Foam Cleanser contains Tea Tree Extract, which is a natural antibacterial agent, so as well as keeping the lashes super clean, it also protects the lashes and the eyes from styes, Blepharitis and the dreaded Demodex Mites.

Lash Shampoo | London Lash Australia

How Do You Use It?

Using Foam Cleanser couldn’t be any easier, you literally just dispense a little pump of it and off you go! It’s up to you if you want to pump it straight onto the lashes, or if you want to pump it onto the back of your hand and use your cleansing brush to apply it to the lashes. Of course, if you’re using it as aftercare or if you’re getting your clients to cleanse their own lashes with Lash Shampoo before you begin the treatment (yes, that is absolutely an option, especially if they come in wearing mascara or other eye makeup!) then pumping straight onto fingers will be easiest.

Once you’ve worked it into the lashes with fingertips or a Cleansing Brush, simply rinse away the residue with lukewarm or cool water—this is easiest to achieve with a dropper—making sure you get rid of all residue. If you’re doing this with a dropper, just tilt your client’s head a little to the side so that the water runs off of their eyes, and hold a tissue just below their eye to prevent them getting soaked! 

Can You Use It Alone?

Arguably, yes but it is far more effective when used as part of a pretreatment routine. We’ve gone into loads more detail in this blog post, but the long and short of it is that you can use Foam Cleanser by itself if you really must, but you’ll honestly get a better, deeper clean and longer lasting retention if you use it alongside a thorough pretreatment routine.

As aftercare it’s a perfect one step product, just be sure to rinse well and give your lashes a little brush after patting them dry to keep them nice and fluffy.

lashes being cleaned with lash shampoo

Retail Opportunity

Lastly, Foaming Lash Shampoo Cleanser provides a little opportunity for you as a lash tech to generate a little extra income by retailing it to your clients to ensure they are getting the best possible aftercare for their lash extensions. Not only will they avoid horrid side effects of not washing their lashes, but you’ll be able to spend less time on long clean-ups when they come in for their fills covered in glitter from the weekend’s party.

We’d recommend grabbing a pack of 9 and adding on a couple of dollars to the purchase price so that you make a little extra income! One bottle can easily last 3 months if they’re using one pump per wash, and are cleansing twice per day. One thing to consider though, is that some clients can be a little sensitive to Tea Tree Extract, so it might not actually be the best idea for those with very sensitive skin.