Glue Rings vs Jade Stones: 3 Good Reasons To Swap To A Jade Stone!

You know us – we’re all about those little lash hacks that save us time on our treatments so that we can get on to the next client, to business growth or even just some self-care time. What we’re not about though, is glue rings. ‘But they’re faster!’ They are a bit, yes, but to be honest with you the speed of them is outweighed by their drawbacks. Here’s why we are adamant that you’re better off using a Jade Stone than you are using a glue ring. 


Glue rings are quick because they’re literally on hand - they’re kind of on the way to the lashes which means that there’s less time between dipping and placing. The issue with that though is that the glue and its fumes are that much closer to your face and to your client’s face. 

Glue fumes aren’t too friendly and can lead to respiratory issues, eye and skin sensitivities and allergic reactions. By putting some space between you/your client and your glue you’ll be doing everyone a massive favour. 

Being really honest, this is the main issue with glue rings - the rest of the points are dependant on your specific practices but there’s no getting away from how close the fumes are to your airways - masks can only do so much, and fumes can have a real effect on your eyes as well so keeping them a little bit further away from your face is always going to be a good thing. 

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When you use a glue ring you’re likely to be using more glue than you would if you used a jade stone. Of course, this will depend on the glue, the length of the treatment and how careful you are when dispensing, but you’re likely to find that your glue lasts longer when you’re using a jade stone over a glue ring for two reasons;

  1. When you dispense your glue into a ring, you’re likely to be squeezing more out of the bottle than you would be when dispensing to a glue ring. Generally speaking, you use 0.03ml of glue per treatment when you dispense it onto a jade stone, and that’s accounting for additional drops being used throughout your treatment. When you put your glue into a ring it’s really easy to dispense more than you need, meaning you don’t get as much use out of your product as you should be. 
  2. When you squeeze your glue out, air is sucked back into the bottle. When you dispense glue onto a jade stone it’s best to let gravity do the work, but truth be told it’s a little slow. That being the case, it’s unlikely that anyone would sit and wait for their ring to fill up this way because it would take an absolute age. But I digress – squeezing your glue bottle sucks air into the bottle and that air contains moisture – what happens when glue and moisture meet? That’s right, it polymerises. What you don’t want is to lose valuable glue use time to your glue going gloopy in the bottle because it’s started to cure inside. 
jade stone, lash extensions glue, lash extension supplies


There’s no getting away from the fact that glue rings are made from single use plastics when a jade stone can be used again and again. While there are things that you can do to get more uses out of your glue ring, the fact of the matter is that you’ll eventually have to replace the ring, throwing away unrecyclable plastic. 

So there you have it, three very good reasons to switch from a glue ring to a jade stone, if you were on the fence. One thing to consider is that using a jade stone of lash palette for your glue does increase the time between dipping and placing, so ensure you give yourself time to allow for that so that your retention doesn’t suffer as a result - as with all things it can take time to get used to, but stick with it and we’re sure you’ll love this method so much more!