Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions, And When To Use Them!

If you’re left feeling slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options there are when it comes to eyelash extensions, you’re not alone! We’re here to help you get to grips with all the different types of eyelash extensions, and when might be best to use one over the other. 

Chelsea vs Mayfair

To kick things off, we’ll start with our two standard collections of lash extensions. Chelsea ‘Silk’ and Mayfair ‘Mink’. To answer a question we’re asked a lot - are London Lash eyelash extensions vegan? Yes! All of our lash extensions are vegan friendly, cruelty free and hypoallergenic as a result. They’re all made from a synthetic fibre called PBT, which is a shapeable but super sturdy type of plastic that’s usually used in wiring. 

The differences between any lash collection is in the finish - where Chelsea and Mayfair are concerned, you’ll see that Mayfair lashes have a much bolder, shinier finish whereas Chelsea have a semi-matte finish, which means they are the go-to for those looking for a more natural lash set. 

Both Chelsea and Mayfair are available in an array of lengths, curls and thicknesses so you can stock up on anything and everything you need to service any type of client! 

Chelsea Eyelash Extensions

DID YOU KNOW while Mayfair lashes have taken the lash world by storm, Chelsea lashes were the original lash extensions collection in the London Lash store, before we were even called London Lash! 

Flat Lashes

Flat lashes are a little bit magical - on the lashes they look just like a classic lash in the same thickness, but they only weigh about half as much! This means that if your client loves some dramatic lashes, but has super weak or fine natural lashes, you can still make their dreams come true! 

Flat lashes are made from fusing two super fine lashes together, which is what gives them their flat shape that’s almost concave, and also gives them their signature split tip which adds fluffiness, and prevents them from looking rigid and plastic. 

A close up shot of a flat lash

Easy Fanning Lashes

Easy Fanning Lashes will save you time in a volume lash set - we wouldn’t be without these in our lash kits, and we’d highly recommend them to anyone who’ll listen! 

Easy Fanning Lashes are named as such because they fan easily - they have two layers of lashes per strip so that when you grip them with your tweezers, they spring open into little fans! What’s even cooler is that they have a mixture of 3 lengths on a strip so that you can effortlessly create wispy, spiky sets without having to change how you apply or map your lash sets.

By default, Easy Fanning Lashes will produce quite narrow fans which are great for dense lash looks, but if you’d like a wider fan you can play the fan back on the strip and give them a little wiggle to widen the fan, creating a fluffier finish on the eyes. 

Premade Fans

These are exactly what they sound like - volume fans that were created for you. Our Premade Fans were still created by hand, and we worked alongside our supplier to ensure that you were getting the absolute best quality premades possible - they have lovely slim bases and are lightweight enough to be safe for the vast majority of your clients (if someone has very fine natural lashes, it’s well worth making your own fans out of very fine volume lashes to keep them safe). They’re even made from the same fibre as our Mayfair Lashes, so if those are your fave, our Premade Fans will already feel super familiar to you! 

Lastly, we have to mention our coloured lashes. These are made from the same fibre as our Mayfair lashes and are available in 0.07 for volume, and 0.15 for classic (you can mix and match these to create beautiful hybrid sets too, of course!). We have 10 colours available so you can make any clients’ dream come true, and you can also take part in fantasy lash nominations in lash championships, if that’s something that appeals to you! 

All in all, which type of eyelash extensions you buy depend mostly on what your client wants to get out of a lash set. It’s not a bad idea to grab a couple of mixed length boxes to see what you like best, but bear in mind that single length trays work out cheaper in the long run, once you know which collection makes your heart flutter like your client’s lashes after a full set!