Premade Lash Spikes: The Game-Changer for Every Lash Artist's Kit

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for every Lash Artist, and one of the latest trends transforming the industry is the use of Premade Lash Spikes. At London Lash, we understand the importance of keeping your lash kit updated with the best tools and products. That's why we're excited to discuss why our new Premade Lash Spikes are a must-have in your lash kit.

What are Premade Lash Spikes?

Premade lash spikes are pre-crafted lash extensions designed to create a bold, spiky, and textured look. Unlike traditional lash extensions, these spikes are specifically designed to add an edgy, dramatic flair to any lash set. They are perfect for clients looking to stand out with a unique wispy lash style.

Premade Lash Spikes from London Lash for wispy lash extensions

Why Premade Lash Spikes are Essential:

Time-Efficient Application:

Premade Lash Spikes save significant time during application. As a Lash Artist, time is of the essence, and these ready-to-use spikes can be easily applied without the need for crafting each spike individually. This efficiency allows for more appointments and increased client satisfaction. Needless to say, it saves you product too. No more will you have to use Primer and a disposable microfiber brush to handcraft spikes.

Consistency and Quality:

Each premade spike is uniformly crafted, ensuring consistency in length, curl, and thickness. This uniformity is challenging to achieve when making spikes by hand. With premade spikes, you're guaranteed a high-quality, professional look every time.

Versatility in Lash Styles:

These spikes can be used to create various styles, from a natural look with a hint of edginess to a full-on dramatic, textured appearance. They are perfect for customizing lash sets to suit individual client preferences. Premade Spikes are also a great option for a Kim K lash look to get that gorgeous wispy finish.

Premade Lash Spikes to create a Kim K lash look

Enhanced Texture and Volume:

Premade Lash Spikes add an incredible texture and volume that traditional extensions might not achieve. They provide a multi-dimensional look that can elevate any lash set.

Reduced Training Time:

For new Lash Artists, mastering the creation of perfect spikes can be challenging and time-consuming. Premade spikes offer an excellent way to include advanced styles in your offerings without extensive additional training.

How to Incorporate Premade Lash Spikes in Your Lash Services:

Mix and Match:

You don’t have to stick to one length! Incorporating different lengths of Premade Spikes with traditional lash fans is a great way of creating a bespoke look for each client.

Focus on Eye Shape:

Tailor the placement of the spikes to complement your client’s natural eye shape. This customization can significantly enhance the overall effect. Check outthis blog about why lash mapping matters, and how to tailor lash extensions to each individual client.

Wet look lashes using Premade Lash Spikes

Aftercare Advice:

Always remember to educate your clients on proper aftercare to maintain the longevity and appearance of their lash extensions.

Premade Lash Spikes are more than just a trend; they are a revolutionary addition to the lash extension industry. By adding these to your lash kit, you not only save time and ensure consistency but also elevate your artistry to new heights! At London Lash, we are committed to providing you with the latest and best in lash extension products. Give our Premade Lash Spikes a try, and we know you’ll fall in love!