The Ultimate Guide for Lash Techs During Winter

Winter has arrived, and it’s time to prepare your lash studio for the unique challenges this season can bring. As the temperature drops and the weather turns colder, let's discuss essential products and tips to help you manage the winter season and maintain your lash excellence!

Create a Cosy Beauty Space

Client comfort is key. No one wants to endure a cold lash appointment! Winter can make your beauty space quite chilly, so adjust the thermostat to a cosy, yet comfortable temperature. Enhance the warmth and inviting feel by providing blankets, investing in a comfortable lash pillow, and using a soft bed cover to keep clients warm and relaxed during their appointments. These small touches can significantly improve your clients’ experience, leading to happy clients who are more likely to return and recommend your services!

Bed cover | London Lash Australia

Embrace Humidity

Winter air tends to be very dry, which can affect lash applications. Maintaining proper humidity levels in your studio is crucial. Invest in a good humidifier to keep the air moisture at an optimal level. This simple addition can greatly enhance the performance of your lash adhesive and the comfort of your clients. Proper humidity ensures your lash glue cures correctly, preventing brittle bonds and improving retention. A hygrometer is another useful tool; it measures humidity and air temperature, helping you choose the best adhesive and maintain ideal conditions.

Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer | London Lash AU

Choose Winter Friendly Lash Glue

Winter weather can be tough on eyelash extension glue, as low humidity and cold conditions can affect its performance. To counter this, switch to a lash glue that’s more suited for winter conditions. Adhesives like Flexie or Royal Bond are perfect, as they work well in low-humidity environments and have faster drying times. Your clients will appreciate lashes that stay secure, even in harsh winter conditions!

lash glue | London Lash AU

Light Up Your Studio

Proper lighting is essential, especially with shorter daylight hours and gloomy weather. Ensure your beauty space is well-lit with quality lighting, such as the Glamcor range. Investing in a Glamcor light can make a significant difference in your lash sets. Known for their excellent lighting quality, Glamcor lights ensure you can work precisely, seeing each natural lash perfectly. This helps you create flawless lash sets, even on the darkest winter days, avoiding eye strain and missing those tiny lashes.

Glamcor | London Lash Australia

Enhance Efficiency With Premade Lash Fans

Winter often means a busier schedule due to holiday parties and special events. Efficiency is crucial! To save time while still creating stunning lashes, use Premade Lash Fans for your Volume sets. These ready-made fans are a lifesaver when you have back-to-back clients and need to provide quick yet beautiful extensions. They help reduce treatment times by eliminating the need to manually create lash fans during appointments. With Premade Lash Fans, you can simply grab and go!

Premade Lash Fans | London Lash Australia

Provide Winter Lash Aftercare Tips

Winter weather can be harsh on lashes, leading to increased breakage. Educate your clients on proper winter aftercare for their lash extensions and natural lashes. Advise them to avoid excessive cold air exposure, steam, or saunas immediately after their appointments. Encourage them to use a lash serum and nourishing conditioner to keep their lashes healthy and strong. Providing this valuable information ensures happy clients and builds trust and loyalty.

Prioritise Your Own Well-Being

Don’t forget about your own self-care! Winter often means more time indoors with dry heating, which can dehydrate you and dry out your skin. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle nearby and taking regular breaks. This will keep you comfortable and help you stay focused during your lash appointments.

Stanley cup | London Lash AU

Winter might bring its own set of challenges, but with the right products and adjustments, you can continue to create stunning lash extensions that leave your clients feeling fabulous. With these top tips and a bit of winter charm, you'll navigate the season with ease and maintain your lash excellence!