Why Baby Shampoo And Micellar Water Are Poor Choices For Lash Extensions

It seems logical to opt for something as mild as baby shampoo when caring for eyelash extensions, right? Back in 2017, this was the widely accepted practice! Unfortunately, this advice has since become outdated and could actually be detrimental. Let’s explore why this old method has fallen out of favor and why specialised products like foaming lash shampoos are now recommended.

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Evolution Of Lash Care Advice

Originally, common recommendations for maintaining lash extensions post-application included household items like baby shampoo, chosen for its gentle properties on skin and eyes. However, these products were never formulated with lash extensions in mind, meaning they were not tested for safety in this particular use around the delicate eye area. Thankfully, industry standards have advanced. Although baby shampoo is mild and was not known to cause direct harm, using it is akin to washing your hair with dish soap—it might clean, but it won’t provide the care needed. As our knowledge has grown, so has the sophistication of products specifically designed for eyelash extensions.

At London Lash, we pride ourselves on creating specialised products, such as our foaming lash shampoo, tailored for the unique needs of lash extensions. After recognising that standard options like baby shampoo or micellar water were insufficient, we developed our foaming lash shampoo based on direct feedback and observations from experienced Lash Technicians who highlighted the limitations of these everyday cleaning products.

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Drawbacks Of Baby Shampoo And Micellar Water

Despite their reputation for mildness, baby shampoo and micellar water are not optimal for lash extension upkeep due to several reasons:

Inappropriate Formulations: Neither product is crafted specifically for the materials and glues involved in lash extensions.

Ineffective Cleaning: These items fail to adequately remove buildup of oils and makeup that are common with eyelash extensions.

Residual Buildup: Baby shampoo might leave behind a residue that weakens the adhesive bonds of lash glue, leading to faster loss and shorter lifespan of the extensions.


Advantages Of Using Specialised Lash Shampoo

Recognising the specialised needs of eyelash extensions led to the development of our tailored lash shampoo. Our formula, enriched with tea tree extract, offers more than trendy benefits, it's a potent antibacterial agent that maintains the cleanliness and health of lashes, lids, and eyes.

Benefits of using our dedicated lash shampoo include:

Thorough Cleaning: Effectively cleans along the lash line without harshness.

Residue-Free: Cleans off completely, unlike baby shampoo, leaving no residues that could reduce lash longevity or cause irritation.

Safety-Assured: Specifically tested for use around the eyes, our products ensure compatibility and safety with lash extensions, providing peace of mind.

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How To Properly Clean Lash Extensions At Home 

For those maintaining their lash extensions at home, here is the correct approach:

Avoid Improvised Solutions: Stay away from baby shampoo and micellar water. These are inappropriate for lash extensions and can be detrimental. Be wary of using cotton pads, as fibers may stick to the glue.

Select the Right Lash Shampoo: Opt for a lash shampoo specifically formulated for lash extensions, such as our London Lash foaming lash shampoo.

Handle with Care: Gently work the shampoo through the lashes using a clean lash brush or your fingertips.

Complete Rinsing: Make sure all shampoo is thoroughly washed off to avoid irritation or residue that could impact the extensions' hold.

For detailed guidance on using our lash shampoo, visit our 'How to Clean Lash Extensions' blog post. For additional aftercare tips, check out our 'Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Guide'.

Using baby shampoo or micellar water might seem gentle and safe for cleaning lash extensions, but they're actually not suitable for the task. As lash industry professionals, it’s our responsibility to recommend products that not only enhance the appearance of lash extensions but also ensure overall ocular health. Investing in the right products, like our specialized lash shampoo, guarantees that you provide the best care possible. Explore our full range of exclusive lash care items and give your clients' lash extensions the attention they deserve!