Arrow Lashes: Cat Eye, But Make It Dramatic

Ever dreamt of crafting a look that not just captures attention but also bestows your clients with a spellbinding gaze that stands out in a crowd? Brace yourself to take your lash artistry up a notch with Arrow Lashes! This fresh lash style is sweeping through the beauty industry like a storm, promising to be an essential addition to your lash design toolkit.

What are arrow lashes?

But, what are Arrow Lashes, you ask? They’re the buzz of the moment in eyelash extension circles. Featuring a distinct arrow-shaped design that angles towards the eyes' outer corners, they echo the allure of Extreme Cat Eye Lashes but with an innovative twist. Arrow Lashes don't just extend the eye but also introduce a dramatic lift, injecting both intrigue and drama into your client's look.

Arrow lashes | London Lash AU

How to achieve the arrow lash effect?

Let's dive into the craft. To forge this eye-catching lash style, begin by segmenting your client's lash line into five uniform parts. Start with the shortest lashes at the inner eye corners, escalating in length towards the outer corners, as outlined in the lash map we’ve provided. The fifth and ultimate section is then divided into eight smaller segments. It's in this last part where the Arrow Lashes' distinctive V-shape emerges. Here, you'll incrementally lengthen the lashes within the smaller sections to the maximum length you’re employing, then reduce the lengths as you approach the lash line's end, forming a rainbow-like arc.

Arrow lash map | London Lash AU

For an added dramatic effect, opt for Extreme L-Curl lashes in the final section. These lashes amplify the arrow shape we're aiming to achieve. Following this method, you’ll craft a set of Arrow Lashes that’s bound to make a statement wherever your clients venture!

Volume Faux Mink Mayfair Lashes 0.07 | London Lash AU

Who does this lash style flatter most?

Arrow Lashes are perfect for clients who love to stand out, embodying boldness and daring. Ideal for anyone off to a standout event or simply wishing to elevate their day-to-day style, Arrow Lashes promise to impress. Particularly flattering for those with almond eyes, they enhance the natural eye shape and bring a dramatic edge to the outer corners. They're also a match for clients with round or downturned eyes, as the elongated design lifts and opens up the gaze.

Aftercare essentials for lasting beauty

Creating breathtaking lash extensions is just the beginning. Ensuring they remain beautiful requires proper aftercare. It’s vital to educate your clients on the importance of avoiding rubbing or pulling at their lashes to prevent damage or early loss, cleansing their lash extensions daily with a Lash Shampoo and Eyelash Brush to eliminate any accumulation of grime, oil, or makeup, and brushing their lashes regularly with a Mascara Wand to keep them orderly. Moreover, advise them against oil-based skincare and makeup products near the eyes to avert premature lash fallout. Recommend oil-free makeup removers for those who wear makeup, and stress the importance of booking regular lash infills every 2-3 weeks to keep their Arrow Lashes looking their best. By adhering to these aftercare guidelines, your clients will enjoy their Arrow Lashes for weeks, always feeling their most glamorous!

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And that's the lowdown on Arrow Lashes! With this avant garde lash look, you’re set to dazzle your clients, leaving them enchanted and feeling utterly fabulous with their new, trendy lash style. They'll be smitten with their Arrow Lashes in no time!