How a Glue Shaker Will Be a Revolution For Your Lash Glue

Lash Techs, it’s time to stop manually shaking your Lash Glue. That’s right, the Glue Shaker is here to stay and it will become your glue’s new best friend. This handy gadget is not just for aesthetics and it won’t collect dust at the bottom of your lash extensions kit. Our shaker has sped up lashing treatments and increased glue’s performance for Lash Artists around the world – we’re here to tell you how and why!

Glue Shaker for Lash Glue

Lash Glue Shaking

Every single time you need a fresh drop of glue, you must shake it thoroughly. This is because all the ingredients inside your trusty bottle need to be incorporated for your glue to work perfectly time after time. It’s advised that you shake your glue for 1 minute before you dispense the first drop of the day, and for 20-30 seconds before each new drop during the treatment. This may seem excessive, but left unshaken, the ingredients in your lash glue will separate, leaving your glue difficult to work with, or sometimes completely ineffective.

Shaking Lash Glue By Hand

Glue Shaker Benefits

Using this shaker, the time you will spend shaking your glue bottle is more than halved, taking mere seconds compared to manual shaking. Using centrifugal force, the shaker incorporates all the adhesive ingredients evenly, and helps prevent the mixture from clogging up and collecting in the nozzle of your bottle. No more clogging of cured glue around the nozzle of the lash glue bottle.

eyelash extension glue shaker

TOP TIP: If you find yourself in one of those sticky situations where glue has collected in and around your glue’s nozzle, you’ll need to change it in order to get further use out of your lash glue. Grab a Glue Nozzle Opener to do this safely and quickly, a Rescue Kit to swap for the old nozzle and lid, and a pack of Glue Nozzle Wipes to keep your nozzle squeaky clean.

During any lash set, you’ll need to be dispensing a fresh drop of glue every 20 minutes maximum. Each time, you need to shake your glue for at least 20 seconds to ensure incorporation of the ingredients after having shaken for a full minute before you started. A Glue Shaker reduces this shaking time to 10 seconds or less – goodbye, wrist strain; hello perfectly mixed glue and saved time. 

Lash Tech Satisfaction

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this review below from a satisfied Lash Artist, it’s one of many! Not only does it help your wrists from becoming stiff – after all, applying lashes takes exceptional attention to detail and a steady hand for perfect placement – but it will help you from ruining your glue nozzles in the long run. 

How many times have you thrown away a perfectly usable glue bottle because the nozzle is dry and clogged, or stuck in the lid? As long as you take care to wipe your lash glue nozzle each time you dispense a fresh drop of glue, using a shaker will help you to prevent clogged nozzles.  

London Lash Client Review of Glue ShakerWhether you’ve lashed for years, or you’ve only just picked up a pair of tweezers, it’s never too late to change the game. The shaker is an accessory which will save you time, glue, and money in the long run. The Glue Shaker will revolutionise your treatments and benefit your wrist health along with giving you extra time to spend on those meticulous details while lashing your clients.