Hi there! We’re pretty new here so for our first ever blog post on the Australian website, we thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves, and let you know a little bit about us and our journey so far!

Who are London Lash?

You might not know to look at us now, but London Lash had very humble beginnings. Our Founder Hanna moved to the UK from her home country of Belarus and was trying to make it work. Back then, she was working in a factory and wasn’t really enjoying it. She figured the best way to learn English was to be immersed in it, so she enrolled on a beauty course at a local college. 

It will come as no surprise that Hanna’s favourite part of the course was eyelash extensions, and she quickly sought work in a salon where she amassed a large client base. Before long, Hanna broadened her knowledge of eyelash extensions treatments and took a course in Russian Volume back in Belarus. At that time, volume lash extensions were pretty much unheard of, so her photos on social media were getting a lot of attention from potential students! 

Hanna reached out to some established academies who all turned her away - not being one to take rejection to heart, Hanna changed her plans and became a trainer in her own right. The only problem was that she needed products for her students’ kits…

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Hanna took out a loan and tested heaps of lash products, until she found some that met her standards - so much so, that we still have some of those first ever products in our store today - Lady Bond, Teflon Eyepatches, Silk (Chelsea) Lashes to name a few! 

By day, Hanna would lash client after client, and in the evening she’d pack orders for her growing client base that were finding her through eBay, and worked on building London Lash’s first website. First thing in the morning she’d line up in the post office and mail out all of her parcels from the night before. 

Since then, the London Lash team has grown by more than 50 members, and is still going strong! 

What is London Lash’s Ethos?

At our core, we seek to care, support and inspire lash techs all around the world. We’ve always placed a high importance on education and on nurturing not only curiosity, but growth - we can’t grow if the lash techs who come to us don’t grow themselves, so it pays dividends to everyone when we pass on our knowledge! 

We’ve also always made it our mission to hire new team members who are super passionate about lashes - back in the beginning the company was run solely by lash technicians - while it’s harder to exclusively hire lash techs these days (being as we’re starting to need people with specific skill sets), we still make sure every member staff is trained in eyelash extensions treatments and gets to know the products inside out, so that we can always be giving you the best advice and guidance!

Is London Lash Sustainable?

We’re getting there! Back in 2018 we swapped those plastic trays that lashes used to come in for a cardboard alternative - these weren’t exactly perfect and we’ve been back to the drawing board since, but at the time they were a revolution! We’re really excited to see that lots of other lash brands followed suit in the years that followed. 

Today, all of our lashes are packed in cute little matchbox inspired trays which are made from cardboard and don’t have ANY components that you can’t recycle! Additionally, we’ve put all of our liquids (where possible) into glass bottles which are as sustainable as they are sleek, and we’ve introduced reusable stainless steel brush handles so that your pretreatment generates up to 80% less waste compared to using completely disposable alternatives!

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One of the biggest contributors to our mission in becoming the most sustainable lash brand is our Operations Team! They’ve seen to it that all of the materials we use to ship our products to you are completely recyclable, from the boxes to the tape to the packing peanuts (those are super cool, by the way - they’re starch based and dissolve in water!). 

Most recently, we’ve started making small monthly donations to fund research and development into technology which removes CO2 from the air, making our deliveries carbon neutral. We do this via an app which was introduced by our ecommerce platform Shopify, which takes a little donation amount from us each month and calculates the carbon emissions from each and every order, so that they can be offset by funding projects such as planting new trees, or (in our case) removing CO2 from the air and storing it for use later!

So, that’s us! If you have any questions, shoot us a message at info@londonlash.com.au, and our amazing customer service team will help you out!