Glue Rings vs Jade Stones: The Ultimate Showdown. Here's What You Need to Know

In the fast paced world of lash artistry, Lash Technicians are constantly seeking tools and methods that boost their precision and ensure the highest comfort and safety for their clients. A pivotal decision in this journey is the choice of adhesive holder: glue rings or glue stones. The significance of this choice cannot be overstated, and we're here to navigate you through the ins and outs of making the best selection!

Glue stones | London Lash Australia

Getting to grips with the basics 

First off, let's break down the contenders. Glue rings are petite, wearable containers that sit on your finger, providing immediate access to lash adhesive during the application process. On the flip side, glue stones, including varieties like Agate and Jade, offer a flat surface for dispensing lash glue.

Why We Prefer Jade Stones

1. Steadiness and Precision

Glue stones ensure a stable and precise environment for lash adhesive. The cool temperature maintained by a Jade or Agate stone prevents the glue from premature drying. This level of stability and control is something glue rings can't match, largely due to their size and direct contact with body heat.

2. Health and Safety Considerations

For lash professionals, client well-being is top priority. Glue rings pose a higher risk of exposing clients (and technicians) to adhesive fumes, given their proximity to the face. Glue stones, conversely, can be placed further away on a lash cart, diminishing the chance of irritation or allergies from fume inhalation. Moreover, the risk of adhesive spills is notably higher with glue rings, which could lead to unwanted contact with skin, posing a significant health hazard and potential client dissatisfaction.

3. Enhanced Work Quality

Employing a glue stone like Jade or Agate can elevate the calibre of your lash applications. These stones offer a larger workspace for adhesive management, critical for applying lash extensions with utmost precision. Additionally, the coolness of the stone prolongs the freshness of the glue, aiding in higher-quality outcomes and reducing the need for frequent glue replenishments.

4. Environmental and Economic Benefits

Glue stones trump glue rings in sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Being reusable, they are an eco friendlier option, easily cleaned and sterilised for repeated use. If you opt for glue stickers on the stones, they too can be efficiently managed by cleaning or disposal, unlike single-use glue rings.

Alternatives to Glue Rings at London Lash

At London Lash, we pride ourselves on offering premium glue stones tailored to the needs of professional Lash Technicians across Australia. Our selection includes Agate and Black Jade Stones, designed to enhance the precision and care in your lash extension applications.

1. Agate Stone

Celebrated for its cooling effects, the Agate Stone keeps lash adhesive at an ideal temperature, facilitating a smoother application. Its easy-to-clean nature and stylish appearance make it a standout choice. 

Agate Stone | London Lash AU

2. Black Jade Stone

Similar to the Agate, the Black Jade Stone excels in maintaining optimal adhesive temperature and slowing the curing process, ensuring your glue doesn’t dry too swiftly.

Black jade stone | London Lash Australia

3. Sunflower Cups 

As a novel solution to traditional glue rings, Sunflower cups offer a unique design with multiple wells for easier lash fan dipping. This design minimises spillage risks and reduces glue fume inhalation, making it an excellent step-up from conventional glue rings.

Sunflower cups for lash techs | London Lash AU

While glue rings may have their proponents, our stance at London Lash is firmly in favour of glue stones and innovative alternatives like Sunflower cups. Their temperature regulation capabilities, alongside health and safety advantages, render them a superior choice for professional lash services.

Experimenting with these alternatives could revolutionize your lash application technique, potentially elevating your precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction levels. Remember, at London Lash, our goal transcends merely selling products; we're committed to educating and propelling your lash artistry to new heights.