International Women’s Day is All About Empowerment, Beauty, and Supporting Women-Led Businesses | Here’s How…

Happy International Women's Day to all the incredible Lash Technicians out there! Today, we're diving deep into the essence of what makes this day so special, celebrating not only the beauty of lashes but also the strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide like our fellow Lash Techs. As part of the beauty industry, we all have a unique platform to empower and support each other, especially when it comes to championing women-led businesses.

international women's day for Lash Technicians

First of All…

First off, we need to talk about eyelash extensions, of course. Clients come to us for beauty enhancements, but it’s actually far more than that – lash extensions can be a tool for empowerment and self-expression. As Lash Technicians, we've witnessed the transformative power of a set of beautifully crafted eyelash extensions. It's not merely about the aesthetic appeal, it's also about building up their self-confidence and the unstoppable feeling it instills in our clients. For those who are self-conscious about their image and need a little boost, the transformation that eyelash extensions can give goes beyond the mirror and can reflect in every aspect of their lives, empowering them to face the world with confidence.

Female Empowerment in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has historically been a realm where women can not only express themselves, but also be leaders and innovators. From the pioneering female entrepreneurs who have launched groundbreaking beauty brands, such as our own founder Hanna Putjato, to the influential makeup artists and beauty influencers shaping today's trends, women have been at the forefront, steering the industry towards inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment. At London Lash, as a women-owned business, we’re incredibly proud to be a part of this! You can find out more about Hanna’s journey and London Lash here.

Hanna Putjato, owner of London Lash AUS

Championing Women-Led Businesses

This International Women's Day, let's amplify our efforts to support women-led businesses within our industry. When we choose to purchase from, collaborate with, or endorse these businesses, we're doing more than just engaging in a transaction, we're also investing in women's dreams, ambitions, and their professional journeys!

Supporting women-led businesses is a commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem where women empower women, sharing not just products and services but knowledge, resources, and opportunities. It's about nurturing a community that celebrates each success as a collective victory, recognising that when one woman succeeds, it paves the way for more to follow…

The Role of Community in Our Industry

At its core, the lash industry is more than a marketplace where each lash brand and Lash Tech compete, it's actually a vibrant community – a space where Lash Techs can share their journey, challenges, and triumphs. On this International Women's Day, let's lean into this sense of community, offering support, mentorship, and encouragement to one another. Whether it's through sharing expertise, providing mentorship to beginners, or simply lending an ear, every gesture of support strengthens our community and empowers us to navigate the challenges we face as women and professionals.

Lash Techs celebrating together for International Women's Day

Embracing Beauty Beyond Borders

International Women's Day also serves as a reminder of the rich tapestry of diversity that defines our world. The lash industry, with its global reach, brings together lash trends, techniques, and innovations from every corner of the world. As Lash Technicians, and with the power of social media, we're privileged to introduce these global beauty insights to our clients, offering not just lash extensions but an experience that transcends borders, celebrating the universal language of beauty.

Your Call to Action:

This International Women's Day, let's commit to taking meaningful action. Whether it's by supporting a women-led business, mentoring an aspiring Lash Technician, or sharing your own story of empowerment through beauty, every action contributes to the broader movement towards gender equality and empowerment. Let's use our platforms, skills, and voices to make a difference, not just on the 8th of March, but every day.

Lash Tech's on International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's remember the significant role we play in the beauty industry and the wider world. We're not just Lash Technicians, we're advocates for empowerment, diversity, and support amongst women! By inspiring, empowering, and supporting each other, we can make a lasting impact.