Black Friday Survival Guide: How Lash Technicians Can Shop Smarter

It’s November, which means that Black Friday sales are looming on the horizon! You might think that with the London Lash Black Friday sale being exclusively online that you’ll have no issues with long lines and big crowds, right? Well, maybe not with physical crowds but have you ever waited for a website to load, only to find the one thing you wanted out of stock by the time you got in? 

Luckily, we’ve never had a problem with our website crashing on a Black Friday launch despite the massive increase in traffic (yes, that is a humble brag), but we’d hate for you to be unprepared in any event! Just to ensure you can sit back smugly and await your lash order full of everything you wanted, plus a couple of treats, we’ve collected a few of our top tips to help you get ahead of the crowds.

Make A List

Having a list of everything you need ahead of time is always a great idea, but is doubly important when it comes to shopping the sales (not to give too much away but this year is going to be our biggest BFCM EVER!) - we all turn into kids in candy stores when it comes to sales on our faves, right? 

Set Aside Time

Really make sure you have the time to add everything you want and need, and to double check you’re not missing something. Getting disturbed and missing something off of your order isn’t the end of the world, but why either miss the deal of the year, or pay two lots of shipping when you don’t need to? 

Sign Up

The first thing you’d be smart to do is to ensure you’re signed up to our mailing list. We’re likely to drop some hints about the Black Friday sale dropping a little bit ahead of time, and we’ll definitely be yelling about it when it does go live! Being among the first to know is going to do you a favour. 

The other thing you should do ahead of time is create an account on our website. This means that all of your details are saved, making check out time super quick and easy but also means that you can…


The day before launch, we highly recommend adding everything you really need to your basket (plus some things you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to). This is where creating an account is important - when you have an account your basket will be saved, meaning that you can leave it overnight and come back to it when the sale goes live, so you can bypass everyone panic-adding items to their basket and simply go through to the checkout with your basket full of discount lash supplies? 

Stay Up ‘til Midnight

We know, it’s past our bedtime too, but you’re going to want to be around for this! There’s certainly a buzz around the launch of Black Friday which is really cool to be around for, but more than that there is a chance we could run out of something! We do order more of your faves in time for Black Friday to make sure we have enough for everyone, but then again there was the time we sold out of Flexie…twice. 

All in all, a successful Black Friday lash supply haul comes down to planning ahead. See you at midnight!