Let’s Talk About Lash Salon Hygiene

Maintaining top-notch hygiene standards in beauty salons is a must, this of course includes lash salons, studios or at home workspaces! Whether you're running a lash extension salon or hustling as a mobile Lash Artist, keeping things clean and hygienic is key for both your clients' well-being and your business success. Plus, it's not just about keeping your reputation sparkling – different states have rules and guidelines about hygiene in beauty services, so let's dive into some top-notch practices. 

Work Area

A clean workspace isn't just about attracting and keeping clients – it's about keeping them safe from nasties like bacteria and infections. We talk a lot about Pretreatment and Aftercare for lashes, but the same goes for your workspace. You don't want your treatments causing any health issues for you or your clients due to poor hygiene practices.

If you're keen to up your cleanliness game without adding to landfill, check out our tips on being an eco-friendly Lash Artist in this blog post. Keeping your salon spick and span doesn't have to mean drowning in chemicals. Many products out there are eco-friendly and free from harsh chemicals, so your salon can smell fresh without harming the planet. Use biodegradable wipes to clean surfaces like your lash trolley, bed and pillow, and make sure your Tweezers are always squeaky clean.

GIF of Lash Tech Cleaning Faux Leather Memory Foam Neck PillowTools & Storage

Depending on where you're based in Australia, there might be laws about hygiene that you need to follow. But hey, it's not just about rules – it's about keeping everyone safe. Clean your tools and workspace after every client, and always have a spare set of Tweezers on hand. At the end of the working day, give everything a good wipe down and empty those bins.

After cleaning your tools, especially your Tweezers, let them dry properly before stashing them away in a Tweezer Case. Not only does this keep your workspace tidy, but it also ensures your tools are ready for action next time without tarnishing.

Some tools, like pretreatment and lash cleansing gear, are disposable for safety reasons. But if you're eco-conscious, you can use Metal-Handled Brushes and Applicators to cut down on plastic waste.

Disposable Brushes for Reusable Metal HandlesLash Techs

Safety first, folks! It's always safer to wear a mask during lash treatments to protect yourself from fumes and potential illnesses from clients. You might also want to rock a pair of gloves for extra defence against germs and bacteria, especially when you're cleaning up your workstation after a treatment. And don't forget to wash your hands and use sanitiser between clients – it's just good practice.

- Mobile Lash Technicians

Hey, mobile Lash Artists, we haven't forgotten about you! We know your gig comes with its own set of challenges. Make sure you follow the same hygiene steps as salon-based Techs, and keep your lash kit tools and products clean and sanitised in their correct storage. If you're lugging gear from home to home, invest in a Faux Leather Pillowcase for easy cleaning in between clients. And don't skimp on the protective gear – a mask, gloves, and maybe even a face shield can help keep you and your clients safe on the move.

Cambridge Mask Pro for Lash ArtistsSo there you have it – some top tips for keeping your lash workspace clean and safe. Check out the regulations in your area and stay on top of your cleaning game. Your clients – and your business – will thank you for it!