Embrace the Season of Change with Trendy Autumn Nail Colours

Autumn is a season rich in transformation, where the foliage dons vibrant hues and the air grows crisp. This time of year is perfect for nail technicians to update their colour palette, reflecting the warm, cosy atmosphere of the season. Here's a rundown of the best gel nail colours to keep your clients on-trend and complement their autumnal outfits, ensuring they leave your salon ready to welcome the season with style.

Earth Inspired Greens

Kicking off our list are the must have greens. Earthy forest tones are essential as we transition from the brightness of summer to the subdued tones of autumn. These natural greens are indispensable in any gel nail collection for the season.

Emerald, this luxurious, deep green mirrors the lushness of evergreen foliage, offering versatility that works well with both casual and formal wear. A top pick for this season is “Louis” from Miss Dolla, celebrated for its rich, majestic vibe.

Money Green, deeper and more subdued, Money Green captures the quintessential spirit of autumn. Moss and emerald shades are particularly trendy, evoking the dense forest floor and adding to the seasonal charm.

Green gel nail polish Miss Dolla | London Lash AU

Classic Browns

Brown nail polish is timeless, particularly in the rich, earthy tones perfect for autumn. These shades exude warmth and rustic elegance, making them a staple for any autumn palette.

From the Miss Dolla collection, “And Chill” and “Morning Coffee” are favourites. These shades range from soft taupe to deep chocolate, offering sophistication and versatility for any client’s style.

Classic Browns GEL NAIL POLISH MISS DOLLA | London Lash AU

Deep Reds

With the arrival of September, it's time for deep, rich reds. Shades like “Kiki” and “You Wish” provide the perfect touch of autumn elegance, with their wine and burgundy tones reminiscent of fallen leaves and cosy firesides.

Bold Blacks

No autumn collection is complete without black nail polish, especially during the Halloween season. Black offers a sleek, high-fashion look, whether used as a standalone for a minimalist style or combined with orange or purple for festive Halloween designs. Opt for a glossy finish for a classic vibe or matte for a modern edge.

Sleek Greys

Grey nail polish is another versatile choice for autumn, ideal for clients who prefer something more subdued. Whether it’s a light dove grey or a dark charcoal, grey offers a contemporary, sleek look that refreshes the traditional autumn colour spectrum.

Sleek Greys Miss Dolla | London Lash Australia

Gel Nail Kit Essentials

For nail technicians, having a well equipped gel nail kit is crucial as the autumn season approaches. This is the time to showcase deep, rich colours that reflect the seasonal change. By updating your offerings with these trendy shades, you ensure that your clients stay stylish and embrace the autumn season with enthusiasm.

Don’t forget to create some demo sets with your autumn shades to enhance your portfolio and share high-quality images on your social media to attract new clients. Remember to tag us in your posts!

This guide should help you keep your clients chic and ready for autumn with the perfect shades that match the seasonal vibes.