Lash Booster vs Superbonder: What's The Difference?

In the world of lash extensions, the right high-quality products can make all the difference. However, having the products is one thing, but knowing how and when to use them is another.  Our Lash Booster and Superbonder Sealant are both fantastic products to use for pre and post-lash treatment but are often confused by Lash Artists. So how do they differ, and more importantly, when should you use each one? 

Lash Booster

What is a Lash Booster?

The Retention & Speed Booster is an essential tool for every Lash Technician. It addresses a common challenge, that is, extensions not adhering properly to the natural lash.

Retention and Speed Booster for lash extensions

How does it work?

Natural lashes can sometimes be too sleek, causing extensions to slide off. The Booster, with its alkaline properties, gently opens the hair cuticles without damage, which ensures a firmer grip for the glue by creating a larger surface area for adherence, which ultimately enhances retention. When applied, natural lashes become "magnetic,” reducing the holding time for the extension during application.

Who should use it?

Lash Technicians who frequently encounter clients with smooth, silky natural lashes will benefit immensely from this product. It's also ideal for those looking to speed up their application process without compromising on quality.We don’t always recommend it for beginner Lash Technicians as it will speed up the curing time of the glue when placing the lash extension on the natural lash, which could result in the glue curing too quickly to form a strong bond between the extension and the natural lash, meaning that it is more likely to brush off, or not last as long.

Lash booster for improving lash retention

What are the Benefits of Retention and Speed Booster?

The product offers multiple benefits, including boosting retention and accelerating the speed of the glue curing during application. One of its key features is that it effectively prevents lash fans from closing. Additionally, it's designed to be compatible with all types of adhesives. A single 15ml bottle of this product is quite efficient, as it can serve approximately 150 to 200 clients. For those interested in trying it out, a Sample size bottle of all our Booster is available here.

Superbonder Sealant

What is Superbonder?

The Superbonder Sealant is a game-changer designed to be used at the end of the lash treatment to seal the adhesive and maximize lash retention.

Superbonder lash sealant for lash extensions

How does it work?

The sealant enhances the adhesive's elasticity, ensuring bonds are flexible and less prone to breaking. It instantly cures the glue without shock-polymerization, locking in fumes and minimizing irritation. Once applied, lashes can be exposed to moisture immediately and are much more resilient to any environmental factors.

Who should use it?

We recommend this product to all Lash Technicians of all levels, as achieving the best lash retention possible should always be a priority for a thriving business! This product is also perfect for Lash Technicians working with clients who have an active lifestyle or live in more humid environments. It's also ideal for those clients who experience sensitivity or irritation from lash adhesives, as Superbonder will seal all eyelash glue fumes immediately after application.

How to use Superbonder lash sealant

What are the Benefits of Lash Superbonder?

This product stands out due to its superior elasticity. Its main feature is instant polymerization, which, as noted, effectively reduces fumes and potential irritation. This unique quality also allows for immediate water exposure post-application, making it convenient for users and reducing the chance of premature lash shedding. If you’re interested in experiencing its benefits firsthand, you can find a Sample here.

While both the Retention & Speed Booster and the Superbonder Sealant are exceptional products, understanding when to use each can elevate your lash services. The Booster is your go-to for smoother application and improved adhesion, while the Superbonder ensures longevity and reduced post-application care. By tailoring your approach based on your client's needs, you can ensure optimal results every time. Incorporate both into your lash routine with our Retention Duo Bundle and save 30%!