Lash Tape Hacks: Be More Efficient

Everybody loves a lash hack, especially if it makes your lash sets 10 times easier! Seasoned Lash Technicians recognise that achieving that flawless finish goes beyond just the lashes or adhesive you use. In fact, the true magic often lies in how you masterfully use each tool in your lash kit. One of the most underrated yet supremely valuable tools is lash tape! You may find that hard to believe, so we’re here to prove it! Check out these transformative lash tape techniques that will redefine your lash application process.

Perfecting Infills with Lash Tape

During infill sessions, older lashes covered by new growth can be a tad challenging. However, by using lash tape to gently pull back these older lashes, you can expose the new lash growth. This makes the subsequent application of eyelash extensions smoother and more efficient.

Lash tape for lash extension infills

Addressing Downward Growing Lashes

Every so often, clients come in with downward-growing lashes. Instead of letting this be an impediment, Lash Technicians can use lash tape to gently and temporarily lift these eyelashes. Simply attach one end of the lash tape to the eyelid and the other end above the eyebrow. This manoeuvre provides a clearer view and ensures every lash aligns perfectly with the extensions.

Mastering the Inner Corners

The inner corner eyelashes are notoriously tough to lash, often proving to be a challenge even for seasoned Technicians. Our lash tape hack for this issue is to gently stretch the eyelid with the lash tape by attaching one end of the tape to the inner corner and the other end to the outer corner to reveal the tiniest lashes. 

Our top tip: By applying dots where your mapping lines are as a roadmap on the eyelid, you can ensure that you are still working to your lash map design, even when the skin is stretched.

Lash hacks using lash tape to apply lash extensions to inner corners

Achieving Layered Perfection

For those detailed volume sets or when working with diverse lash lengths, lash tape can be a lifesaver. By using lash tape to separate layers of lashes, you can work meticulously on one layer at a time. This technique ensures a layered and impeccable lash set and is the perfect hack for those clients who like full-volume lashes.

Safety First: Using Lash Tape to Prevent Chemical Burns

Lash glues and other chemicals demand utmost care during application. Prioritising safety, Lash Technicians can use a strip of lash tape to hold the eyelid down during the procedure. By attaching the lash tape to the eyelid, and the under-eye patch, you can ensure the eyes remain closed and guarantee there's no accidental contact with chemicals or their fumes during the treatment.

Using lash tape to prevent chemical burns

Tailoring Lash Tape for Under Eyes

Recognising that every client is unique, especially those with round or bulbous eyes, you might find that standard under-eye patches don’t always fit. If this is the case and you find that bottom lashes are poking out of the eyepatches, use some lash tape to secure them. This approach ensures a comfortable fit, maximising both comfort and safety during the lash extension application.

Mastery in the world of eyelash extensions is a blend of both art and technique. With these lash tape hacks you can be well-equipped to elevate your craft. In this industry, precision, safety, and expertise are crucial and having some lash hacks in your arsenal can help to level up your lash extension sets! We hope these tips help, but if you have any questions, send us a DM on @london_lash_australia.