What to Consider When Using Halloween Makeup Alongside Eyelash Extensions

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's that bewitching time of the year when many of us experiment with transformative makeup looks. If your clients have invested in eyelash extensions, they’ll want to ensure that their Halloween glam doesn't jeopardise the longevity and beauty of your hard work!

We all know the importance of educating our clients about lash extension aftercare, especially when there's makeup involved. This Halloween, let’s look at the top considerations when using spooky makeup alongside those delicate eyelash extensions and what your clients need to know to protect the retention of their new lash extensions.

Be Cautious of Oil-Based Products 

Oil can be an eyelash extension's worst nightmare. Why? Oil can cause build up around the glue bonds as it naturally sticks to it, this can cause a clumpy and unhygienic appearance. In rare cases, it breaks down the adhesive bond that keeps extensions in place. Many Halloween makeup products, especially creamy face paints or heavy-duty eye makeup, can be laden with oils. Advise your clients to always check the ingredients and opt for oil-free versions whenever possible.

Applying eyeliner with eyelash extensions

Beware of Glitter

Glitter is a favourite with Halloween looks, but those tiny, shiny particles can get trapped in eyelash extensions. If your client can't resist the sparkle, choose a glitter gel or a product that's designed for safe use around the eyes. When removing, a gentle makeup remover should be used, so that it doesn't end up tugging on the extensions.

Waterproof Makeup: Tread with Caution

While waterproof makeup might seem like a good idea for a night of Halloween festivities, it can be challenging to remove without the right products. The tougher a makeup product is to remove, the more strain is being put on the eyelash extensions. If clients do choose waterproof products, advise them to invest in a remover specifically designed for this type of makeup, keeping the extensions' integrity in mind. Often, the only product that will thoroughly remove waterproof makeup is an oil-based remover, and as we know, these are a no-go for those beautiful lashes!

makeup with lash extensions

Lash-Friendly Eyeliners

Unfortunately, not all eyeliners are created equal. Gel and pencil liners are typically safer for lash extensions than liquid liners, which in some cases can seep into the lash base and compromise the adhesive, as well as being very difficult to remove. Again, advise your clients to opt for oil-free formulas as well as non-waterproof formulas to ensure the longevity of the lashes.

Gentle is the Way to Go

Whether applying or removing makeup, being gentle around the eye area is key. Clients should use a soft brush to apply eyeshadow, ensuring they don't tug or pull on the lashes. When removing makeup, an extension-friendly, oil-free makeup remover and softly swipe without rubbing vigorously is recommended.

Remove makeup with eyelash extensions

Schedule a Post-Halloween Lash Clean or Infill

After the spooky festivities, consider advising your clients to schedule a professional lash clean, particularly if they’re going all out for spooky season! As a Lash Technician, you will have the right products and tools to remove any lingering makeup or glitter residues safely and can inspect the lash extensions for any potential issues. You may also find at this point that your client has lost more lashes than usual due to the taxing nature of Halloween makeup, so you can always do a mini infill to get those lash extensions looking as good as new!

Educate and Advise

The key to happy clients with long-lasting eyelash extensions is education. Taking the time to inform them about the do's and don'ts of Halloween makeup and recommending high-quality, lash-friendly products is the best way to ensure they can smash their Halloween looks without compromising their lashes.

By following these guidelines and educating our clients, we can ensure that their eyelash extensions remain as captivating as their Halloween looks. Remember, it's always about balance – with the right products and techniques, makeup and lash extensions can coexist harmoniously. If you’re creating any spooky lash looks, don’t forget to tag us! We can’t wait to see your creations.