Why Superbonder Lash Sealant Should Be In Every Lash Tech's Lash Kit!

Greetings to our Lash Enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered what contributes to the exceptional longevity of some lash extensions? The answer lies in the final touch, and that's precisely where Superbonder enters the scene. This product has become indispensable in our lash kits, and here's why it should be in yours, too.

What Is Superbonder Lash Sealant?

Superbonder acts as the ultimate enhancer for your lash adhesive. Applied at the end of the lash application process, it instantly cures the glue whilst ensuring no shock polymerisation and maintains the glue's optimal flexibility making for robust lashes! And if that’s not enough, it seals all glue fumes in an instance which means it reduces any potential irritation.

Superbonder Lash Sealant for the best lash retention

How Do You Use Superbonder Lash Sealant?

Once the final lash is in place and you’re happy with the finished look after checking for stickies, it's time to apply Superbonder. Use your microfibre brushes, akin to those for pre-treatment, and add a small amount of Superbonder. It's important to remove any excess to avoid any discomfort for the client. Then, delicately brush along the lash line where the glue has been applied. This step is vital for maintaining the glue's flexibility and enhancing the longevity of the extensions.

Applying Superbonder Lash Sealant from London Lash

The Downside of Brittle Lash Glue

Brittle glue is something we avoid at all costs. It's just like a mismatched dance partner – the lashes don't move naturally and tend to fall out prematurely. It also compromises the strength of the bond, which is essential for long-lasting lash extensions.

Can You Use Superbonder Lash Sealant With A Nanomister?

Often, we're asked about combining Superbonder with a Nanomister. Our advice is that Superbonder performs best on its own. Nanomisters can interfere with the adhesive's effectiveness, leading to suboptimal results. Using a Nanomister to apply lash sealant is also a little pointless, as only a small amount of Superbonder is required, so you’re essentially just wasting product!

What Are The Benefits Of Superbonder Lash Sealant?

Beyond maintaining the adhesive's quality, Superbonder plays a key role in minimizing fumes, thereby reducing the likelihood of client discomfort. It also makes the lashes less vulnerable to environmental factors such as humidity or rain immediately after the treatment due to the glue being fully cured. On top of this, your clients will be free to go about their favorite activities shortly after treatment, whether that is going swimming, to the beach or a pool, or taking a relaxing bath.

Natural fluffy lash extensions with Superbonder Lash Sealant

Ideal For Various Environments

Superbonder is your ally, whether you're working in a coastal retreat or a city salon. It's especially valuable in Australia's diverse climates, where lash retention can be a challenge. A simple application of this product and your clients are set to enjoy their day with durable, beautiful lashes.


Superbonder is more than just a product; it's a fundamental tool for ensuring the durability and satisfaction of lash extensions. Once incorporated into your routine, it becomes an irreplaceable part of your lash extension toolkit. Trust us, you won’t want to live without it!