The Secret Weapon For Lash Technicians: Unleashing The Power Of Booster!

Welcome to the world of enhanced lash artistry, where our Lash Booster plays a pivotal role in elevating your lash game. Lash Technicians from all over the world swear by this product, and it’s skyrocketing in popularity, so it's time to explore the depths of this remarkable product and why it's a staple in professional lash kits.

The Versatile Power of London Lash Booster

The London Lash Booster is a versatile tool that revolutionises how lash extensions are applied. It's designed to be used in a couple of different ways, catering to the diverse needs of Lash Artists and their clients.

Lash Booster from London Lash is a must-have in any lash kit

The Science Behind Lash Booster

The Booster's alkaline pH is key. It delicately opens up the cuticles of the hair, which provides a larger surface area for the glue to adhere to without damaging or permanently changing the hair structure. Why is this a good thing? The larger the area for the glue to adhere to means prolonged lash retention for the client!

First Technique: Pretreatment to Boost Lash Retention

The main way to use Booster is to incorporate it into your pre-treatment routine to see a significant improvement in lash retention. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Preparation: Just like applying Cleanser and Primer, use a small amount of Booster on two Micro Brushes.

Application: Gently dab off any excess product onto a tissue. Then, sandwich the natural lashes between the brushes, applying the Booster evenly from the base to the tip, with a focus on the glue attachment area.

Lash Booster application

Who Benefits the Most?

While the Booster is a universal product, certain clients will see more dramatic results. Those with oilier skin types or lashes that are naturally smooth and resistant to glue will find the Booster particularly beneficial and notice the biggest difference in their lash retention. This being said, we recommend that you use it on all clients, as it will make their lash extensions last longer.

Second Technique: Enhancing Lash Strips for Volume Lashes

For artists specialising in Russian Volume lashes, the Booster is a secret weapon:

Application on Lash Strips: Apply a small amount of Booster onto the lash strip using a microfibre brush. This technique prevents the fans from closing when dipped in glue and applied to the lash.

Maintaining Fluffiness: The Booster ensures that your carefully crafted fans stay open and fluffy, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your volume lashes.

Lash Booster application for fluffy volume lash fans

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Speed and Efficiency: Lash Booster also accelerates the drying time of lash glue. This means you'll need to work more swiftly, which can be an advantage for experienced Lash Artists. If you are a beginner Lash Tech, still honing your skills, it may be worth holding off on using Booster until you’re more confident in your application.

Reapplication During Sessions:Feel free to reapply the Booster during your lash sessions if needed. It won't compromise the quality or integrity of the lashes.

When to Avoid Using the Booster

A crucial point to note is that the Booster should not be used with easy fanning lashes. These lashes have a unique adhesive that doesn't react well with the Booster, making them challenging to work with. Stick to regular volume lashes for optimal results.

The London Lash Booster is more than just a product; it's an essential tool that promises to transform your lash extension applications. Whether you're dealing with challenging lash types or striving for perfection in your volume sets, the Booster is your go-to solution for enhanced performance and stunning results.