Your Guide To Manga Lashes | Grab Your Free Manga Lash Map

Manga lashes, sometimes referred to as Manhwa lashes and Manhua lashes, are absolutely BRILLIANT. Whether you're a seasoned anime enthusiast or just discovering this captivating world, there's no denying that Manga lashes are the lash sensation of the year. This eye-catching, spider-like lash trend has skyrocketed in popularity on TikTok and Instagram, making "Anime eyes" the lash style everyone's after.

Forget needing a filter for this one. Thanks to TikTok influencers like @Sacheu, who've pioneered using falsies to craft DIY Manga lashes, the trend is booming. But hey, if you're new to the anime scene, strap in for an exciting journey.

Manga lashes | London Lash AU

What Are Manga Lashes?

Drawing inspiration from the colourful pages of Japanese manga, Korean Manhwa, and Chinese Manhua, Manga lashes embody the iconic, spiky style seen in characters from beloved series like Sailor Moon and Danganronpa. They're ideal for cosplay, offering a doe-eyed, wispy look that’s both dramatic and enchanting.

Who Would Want Manga Lashes?

Perfect for anime aficionados and beauty enthusiasts alike, Manga lash extensions don't require you to be a manga guru. They’re brilliant for anyone wanting to accentuate their natural eye shape with a bold, statement-making twist. They're especially popular among trend followers and cosplayers aiming to nail the look of their favourite Manga character. Plus, they’re a total knockout in lash competitions thanks to their exaggerated, cartoonish flair.

How To Map Manga Lashes?

Tailoring lash extensions to your client's face and eye shape is crucial, and we've simplified the process with our complimentary Manga lash map. Whether aiming for a bold, wispy effect or a subtler look, our guide assists in achieving the perfect style.

Manga lashes are all about the drama, featuring long, spiky segments that stand out against a backdrop of shorter, fluffier lashes. Start with a foundation of shorter lashes at the bottom layer, building up to the dramatic spikes on top. Space these spikes evenly to enhance their visual impact, creating that sought-after doe-eyed look.

Manga lashes map | London Lash AU

Top Layer: Opt for 0.05 lashes ranging from 10mm to 14mm, tapering off towards the outer edges.

Middle Layer: Use 0.05 closed fans from 8mm to 12mm for a seamless middle layer that supports the dramatic spikes above.

Bottom Layer: This layer uses softer, fluffier fans in 0.04, ranging from 6mm to 10mm, adding depth and dimension.

Curls: Choose curls that complement your client’s natural lashes. Discover more about selecting the right lash curls here.

Tip from London Lash: For the easiest spike application, apply Primer with a micro swab to the lash tips while they're still on the strip. This keeps the tips aligned and makes them easier to handle, just avoid the lash bases to prevent quick-setting glue issues.

Manga Lashes: Everything You Need To Know About This Trend | London Lash AU

Bottom Lashes

Our lash map doesn’t just stop at the top. Applying Manga lashes to the bottom lash line adds an extra dimension of allure, completing the stunning Manga look. So why not go the extra mile?

We’re eager to see your Manga lash creations! Tag us on our Instagram and flood our feed with your spectacular Manga lash looks. Love, love, love!