Mastering the Kim K Lash Look with Premade Lash Spikes: A Guide for Lash Artists

The Kim Kardashian lash look has become a signature style in the beauty and lash industry, renowned for its dramatic, fluttery, and wispy appearance. As a Lash Artist, you may often be asked to create this look. The key to perfecting this style? Premade Lash Spikes. We’re here to guide you through the process of using Premade Spikes to create stunning Kim K lashes, ensuring your clients leave your studio with beautiful results every time.

Kim K lashes

What are Kim K Lashes?

Kim K lashes are all about boldness and drama, featuring a mix of length and volume with a distinctly wispy, feathered look. This style is achieved by strategically placing lashes of varying lengths, creating a staggered yet seamless, multi-dimensional effect.

Why Premade Lash Spikes are Perfect for Kim K Lashes

While you can create handmade lash spikes using Primer and your lash extensions of choice, premade lash spikes are the perfect option when it comes to creating consistency. They offer unmatched precision and uniformity, which is essential for the Kim K style. The unique design of premade lash spikes adds an extra layer of texture and depth, amplifying the overall choppy effect of the Kim K lash style. Our Premade Spikes also come in various lengths, providing the flexibility to create the perfect Kim K look tailored to each client. Not to mention, the spikes are ready-to-use and, therefore significantly cut down application time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Premade Lash Spikes for Kim K Lashes

Volume lashes to create a Kim K lash look

Application Technique:

Begin by applying the longest Premade Spikes of 1-2 mm longer than the planned lash fans. Add the longest spikes on the outer corners of the eyes, gradually decreasing the length as you move toward the inner corner. This creates the iconic fluttery, feathered appearance.

Building Volume and Texture:

Once the Premade Spikes are applied across the entire eye, you can then go ahead and create a volume lash set as you usually would with your lash fans. To create the choppy, wispy topline, you need to apply the shortest fans on the bottom layer of lashes and the longest fans on the top. This helps to create density whilst achieving that fluffy, Kim K lash look. Remember to create lash fans 1-2 mm shorter than your spikes. For an even quicker application, why not check out our wide range of Premade Lash Fans?

Aftercare and Maintenance

Like with any lash set, it’s important to educate your clients on proper aftercare to maintain their Kim K lashes, including gentle cleansing using Lash Shampoo and avoiding oil-based makeup removers. Recommend regular infill appointments to keep the lashes looking their best, and remember to advise against rubbing or pulling on the lashes to prolong their lifespan.

Kim K lashes and wet look lashes

Creating the coveted Kim K lash look with Premade Lash Spikes is an art that can elevate your offerings as a Lash Artist. These spikes not only save time but also provide the precision and drama needed for this luxurious style. At London Lash, we pride ourselves on supplying high-quality lash supplies, including these brand-new Lash Spikes that are perfect for crafting stunning Kim K-style lashes. Embrace the elegance and sophistication of this trend and watch your clients leave with a newfound confidence in their stunning lashes.