The Perfect Wispy Eyelash Extensions: A How To Guide to Wispy Lashes

As lash technicians, we all know the satisfaction that comes from helping our clients feel confident and beautiful. One of the hottest trends in the lash industry right now is still the wispy eyelash extensions look. This style, which is a perfect combination of a regular volume set and our clients’ favourite strip lashes look, offers a natural yet dramatic effect that many clients are seeking.

So, let’s talk about how to create the perfect wispy eyelash extensions. 

Selecting the Right Lashes

The first step in creating a wispy look is selecting the right lash extensions. Using a variety of lengths and curls will add dimension and mimic the natural lash line's irregularities. Typically, lengths ranging from 7mm to 11mm are ideal for a ‘base’ of your wispy look, and lengths such as 11-15mm will be your go-to when it comes to creating spikes. Mixing different curls will help you create a softer (by using for example C curl) or more dramatic look (for example D curl). As your base would be a standard volume set, you can go for any thickness such as 0.05 or 0.07 depending on how full you’d want the lash set to be.

strip lash look lash map

Mastering the Art of Lash Spikes

Creating perfect spikes is a key component in achieving the wispy eyelash extensions look. Spikes, which are essentially clusters of multiple individual lash extensions combined at the base, give the irregular, textured look to your set. Simply, using high-quality volume tweezers, grab a few unopened lash extensions, and dip them into your lash adhesive just enough to cover until the middle of the lashes to create a spike.

how to make spikes for wispy lash look

The key here is to apply spikes at regular intervals throughout the whole length of the eye, be sure to map your set to keep the spikes symmetrical across both eyes. Don't be afraid to use different lengths, for example 11mm spikes in the corners, and 15mm spikes in the middle of the eye, as this will help open up the eye and define the textured look. The amount of spikes per eye depends on the final effect you want to achieve – there is no right or wrong here! 

Application Techniques

We know that you’d usually opt for creating a perfect and even top lash line, but try to avoid it when creating a wispy lash look. By doing so, you create a multi-layered, textured effect that's characteristic of the wispy lash style. Just forget about working with layers, and you will achieve the most perfect wispy lash looks!

wispy top line vs even top line for eyelash extensions treatment


The wispy eyelash extension look requires a blend of creativity and technical skill. By selecting the right lash extensions, mastering the creation and placement of spikes, you can provide your clients with a stunning wispy look they will love.