The Ultimate Guide for Lash Technicians on Using Matt Flat Lashes for Weaker Lashes

For Lash Technicians committed to delivering exemplary services, the choice of materials can deeply affect both client satisfaction and the longevity of your lash applications. Among the standout products worth your attention are Matt Flat Lashes, also known as Cashmere or Ellipse Lashes. These lashes are ideal for clients seeking a dramatic yet lightweight lash solution. Let's explore why Matt Flat Lashes could become your new favourite and how they can elevate your client's lash experience!

Matt Flat Lashes | London Lash Australia

What Are Matt Flat Lashes?

Matt Flat Lashes are a transformative style of eyelash extensions that combine the look of thick, full lashes with the necessity for comfort and lash health. These lashes are crafted with a flat base, making them appear fuller and more voluminous without adding weight. This feature makes them especially suitable for clients with weak, fine, or damaged lashes who desire a bold look. For instance, a standard 0.10 Classic lash flattened can emulate the width of a 0.20 lash but maintains the lightness of a 0.10. This design enables you to achieve the dramatic impact of a thicker lash without the associated heaviness, offering a soft, textured finish thanks to their split tips and a concave shape that ensures a better fit and longer retention. Matt Flat Lashes come in various thicknesses from 0.10 to 0.25, adding to their versatility.

Matt Flat Lashes | London Lash AU

Why Choose Matt Flat Lashes?

  1. Dramatic Look with Lightweight Feel: Matt Flat Lashes provide a bold, dense appearance without the discomfort of heavy extensions, perfect for clients with delicate lashes.
  2. Enhanced Retention: Their concave shape allows for a snugger fit around the natural lash, increasing the contact area and the strength of the bond, which in turn extends the life of the lash set.
  3. Versatility: With thickness options ranging from 0.10 to 0.25, these lashes can be tailored to create anything from subtle enhancements to full, wispy sets.
  4. Client Comfort: The lightweight nature of these lashes ensures they are comfortable and safe for long-term wear, preserving the health of your client's natural lashes.

How to Use Matt Flat Lashes

Step 1: Consultation

Start with a thorough consultation to understand your client’s lash health and aesthetic preferences, helping you decide on the appropriate thickness and length of Matt Flat Lashes.

Step 2: Preparation

Prepare your client's lashes by ensuring they are clean and free from any oils or makeup, which might affect the application. Employ a comprehensive pretreatment routine for optimal results.

Step 3: Application

Pick up a Matt Flat Lash with your tweezers, apply adhesive to the base, and attach it to the natural lash. The flat base should seamlessly connect with the natural lash for excellent retention.

Step 4: Styling

Matt Flat Lashes can be used for a classic look or mixed with other lash types for hybrid or volume styles. They are particularly effective as spikes in fluffy volume sets, creating unique, textured effects.

Classic lash and flat lash | London Lash AU

How to Promote Matt Flat Lash Services

Promote your Matt Flat lash services by emphasising their unique benefits during client consultations. Share before-and-after images on your social media and website to showcase the dramatic yet natural-looking results they can achieve. Educating clients on how these lashes can enhance their look while promoting lash health can boost your bookings.

By incorporating Matt Flat Lashes into your offerings, you enhance both the quality of your services and your client's satisfaction. Their innovative design makes them an excellent option for those seeking lightweight yet dramatic enhancements. Consider making Matt Flat Lashes a staple in your toolkit to provide outstanding results across various lash styles.

Explore our selection of Matt Flat Lashes today and discover the transformative effects they can have on your lash services!