Invest in Quality: Why Choose Glamcor Lights for Your Salon?

In the world of eyelash extensions, focusing on the minute details is paramount, and nothing aids this precision work better than high-quality, bright lighting. Clear visibility not only makes those tiny lashes more discernible but also allows for prolonged, comfortable work sessions.

Lighting might initially seem like a superfluous expense, particularly when budgets are tight in the early days of setting up your lash business. However, investing in excellent lighting early in your career is a move you won't regret. So, why are Glamcor lights considered the pinnacle of salon lighting? Let's illuminate the reasons...

Glamcor lights | London Lash Australia

Dependable Lighting with Solid Warranty

Glamcor lights are synonymous with reliability. You get precisely what is promised with the assurance of trustworthiness. On the rare occasion something goes awry, Glamcor's team excels in troubleshooting and resolving issues promptly.

Encounter a problem? Glamcor lights come with a one-year warranty from the purchase date. Beyond this period, the team continues to support with any issues that may arise. If there’s a glitch with your purchase, just reach out to our customer service with your order number, and they will facilitate the resolution.

Highly Adjustable Features

One of the standout features of Glamcor lights is their adjustability. Not only can you modify the height via a telescopic stand, but the flexible arms and swiveling light attachments (except for the Glamcor Horizon) allow you to position the light exactly where you need it, ensuring every detail is perfectly illuminated.

Moreover, each Glamcot light offers several dimming stages, allowing you to tailor the brightness to your specific needs at any time.

A Variety of Options

Glamcor provides a plethora of options, ensuring you never have to compromise by having a feature you don’t need or missing one that you do. To help navigate these choices, we have posts detailing the differences between each GLAMCOR light and guides to categorise them, aiding in making the most informed decision for your specific requirements.

Super Lightweight and Portable

Thanks largely to their telescopic stand, Glamcor lights are incredibly lightweight, making them ideal not just for stationary lash technicians in salons or home settings but also for mobile technicians. Apart from the Glamcor Horizon, all models come with a carrying case, making transportation effortless—even for someone who has set up dozens of these lamps at events like Lash Battle 2023!

Easy Assembly

Glamcor lights are also remarkably easy to assemble and disassemble. The light head simply folds or unfolds, and setting the stand to your desired height is just a matter of tightening a few hand-screws. The only exception is the Glamcor Multimedia X, which includes an additional arm for a phone holder that can be switched out for a mirror or tablet attachment.

Easy Assembly - Glamcor | London Lash AU

Prevents Eye Strain

High-quality lighting, like that from GLAMCOR, with its variable dimming stages, not only enhances visibility but also significantly reduces the risk of eye strain. Struggling to see fine details can lead to fatigue, headaches, and a need to work closer to the client, which isn’t ideal for posture or health due to glue fume exposure.

Enhances Lash Photography

Lastly, superior lighting isn't just about seeing better, it also enhances the photos and videos of your work. Excellent lash photos can attract more potential clients through social media, impressing them with the quality of your work and encouraging bookings.

Ultimately, the value of the best lighting in a lash business cannot be overstated. While practicality is key, Glamcor lights also add a touch of style to your setup, marrying functionality with aesthetics to provide optimal illumination for every lash, no matter the size!