Why Should You Get Your Tweezers From A Lash Brand, And Not Buy A Cheap Pair From eBay?

Look on any bulk buy website such as eBay, Amazon or Alibaba and you’ll see a whole host of tweezers that look like any pair of tweezers on a lash extensions supplies site, but looks can be deceiving!

Tweezers are such an important part of any lash extensions kit, they’re the difference between a pain free, damage free lash set, and the lash set that makes you want to swear off eyelash extensions forever - having a good pair of tweezers is as important as having a glue that sticks! But what exactly are you getting from London Lash tweezers that you aren’t getting from cheap lash tweezers?

Hand Tested

Every pair of London Lash tweezers are quality controlled - for isolation tweezers that means a thorough check of the tips to ensure there’s no bend in the tips, and we pick up a few lashes of different thicknesses to make sure they’re up to the task of picking and placing, and not just isolating. We also make sure they’re not blunt, so they’re perfect for stickie checks!

With Volume tweezers, we make sure they’re up to the task of creating fans in all sorts of fanning methods, picking up those fans (we all know the pain of creating the perfect fan, only to have it fall apart when we try to pick it up) and then dipping and placing the fan. If a pair of tweezers isn’t playing along, we will try for a bit to find its sweet spot, but if it’s really not doing what we want it to we either repurpose it, or we send it back to the manufacturer to be made into new tweezers!

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Hand Finished

While a machine might stamp out the shape of the tweezers for accuracy, each pair is finished off by hand. This means that they have fine tips, proper grip, and less chance of imperfections so you can get them straight out of the box and start using them to create stunning lash sets! 

They Need to be Sturdy!

Tweezers should have a good amount of bounce to them, we want them to resist us a little bit when we grip them but we don’t want to have to struggle to close them, as that will lead to wrist strain. The reason they cannot be too loose is because they’ll not grip the lashes properly, and separating stickies will be nightmarish! 

We aim for a fine balance between lightweight material and the ideal amount of grip.

Visual Checks

Practicalities aside, aesthetics are really important to us, because we know they’re important to you and your clients - what’s the use in having a pair of tweezers that do the h=job well enough but don’t look super cute? Well, arguably they should always be a form over function kind of thing, but we would argue back that any lash supplies you stock in your salon or keep in your lash kit should be great, and look great (just like you) 

To that end, when we’re making sure the tweezers pick up lashes like a dream, we’re also making sure they’re shiny, free from scuffs and scratches and don’t have any tarnishing on them. We even make sure we give them a lovely thorough clean after we’ve tested them, before they get sent to you. 

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Cheap Tweezers might be all so well and good, and they might get the job done but you’re likely to find a much higher rate of bent or imperfect tips, flimsy material and a lack of grip. The reason for this is that the tweezers aren’t being developed and checked by lash technicians, and they have far too high a volume to be checked one by one - we’re fortunate that we have a really great team of lash techs who scrutinise every pair of tweezers to make sure they’re perfect for you, and what’s more, if you don’t get on with them we also have a really great customer service team who will do everything they can to make sure you get the pair you really will love! 

Lastly, just while we’re here - it would be remiss of us to not recommend a tweezer case to store your tweezers. After all, we go to the trouble of making sure they’re as pretty as they are functional, and you purchased them because as well as knowing they’ll do exactly what you need them to, they’re really cute on your lash trolley. Well, that is until they get knocked off during your cleaning time! A tweezer case just adds a level of professionalism, as well as protecting those precious fine tips!