How Do the Original Camellia Lashes Differ from Our New Even Top Line Camellia Lashes?

Eyelash extensions have significantly reshaped the beauty industry, providing clients with the appeal of longer, fuller lashes without extensive upkeep. Over time, the lash industry has made tremendous progress, lash extensions are now safer, and the products we use are more advanced and innovative than ever! Developments like Premade Lashes and Easy Fan Lashes have revolutionised our approach to lash applications, and we're thrilled about it!

With the success of our original Camellia Lashes, we recognised the need for an even top line version. Among the many choices available to lash technicians, Camellia Lashes stand out with their unique wispy finish. Our latest development introduces a thrilling new variant of Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes that provides an even top line for your lash sets. In this guide, we’ll examine the distinctive features and advantages of our new Even Top Line Camellia Lashes, offering you all the essential insights to elevate your lash artistry.

Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes with an Even Top Line | London Lash AU

What Are Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes with an Even Top Line?

Our Camellia Lashes with an even top line are a fresh addition to the London Lash collection of Easy Fanning Lashes, building on the popularity of our original Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes that create a stunning wispy finish. These new lashes maintain all the beloved features of their predecessors but with a notable change: instead of the mixed lengths creating a textured, wispy effect, Camellia Lashes with an even top line feature two layers of lashes with the same length on each strip. This adjustment results in a perfectly uniform and even top line, offering a dense appearance.

Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes with an Even Top Line | London Lash Australia

Why Opt for Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes?

Consistency and Precision: The even top line these lashes provide ensures a look that appeals to clients seeking a more refined, uniform appearance, making them ideal for creating classic and dense lash sets!

Save Valuable Time: Similar to our original Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes, these lashes are designed for ease of use and efficiency. You can effortlessly create lash fans thanks to the innovative easy fan technology, which allows multiple lashes to be picked up and fanned out with minimal effort. With the lengths of the two layers of lashes on each strip being the same, you can achieve a perfect top line quickly!

Versatility: Although they offer a different aesthetic compared to the wispy finish of our original Camellia Lashes, this top line variation is versatile enough to suit various lash styles, from natural to dramatic, depending on the thickness and curls chosen. They’re available in mixed-length trays of 8mm-13mm, with the most popular lash curls C, CC, and D, and in thicknesses of 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07.

Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes with an Even Top Line | London Lash Australia

Tips for Lash Technicians

No Need for Booster: You don’t need to use Booster with these lashes! Their fans won’t close due to their shape and the minimal amount of glue on their bases that holds the lengths together. Using Booster might actually make them harder to fan, as it interferes with the glue on their bases.

Practice Makes Perfect: As with any new product, practice is crucial for mastering your application technique. Spend time getting familiar with how these lashes fan out and adhere to natural lashes.

Customise Any Look: Although Camellia Lashes (Even Top Line) are designed for a uniform appearance, you can still experiment with different lengths and curls to create customised lash looks for each client. Always consult with your clients before any treatments to understand their preferences, lifestyle, and eye shape. This will help you determine whether a uniform top line or a more textured look is best suited for them.

Easy Fanning Camellia Lashes with an Even Top Line | London Lash Australia

Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes with an even top line are an exciting new addition to the London Lash family, enhancing your artistry. With their easy fan technology and uniform top line, these lashes provide a sleek, polished look that clients will absolutely love. Trust us, incorporating Camellia Lashes into your treatments, whether the wispy or even top line version, will undoubtedly elevate your lash game and leave your clients’ lashes looking fantastic!