Make The Most Of Our Brand New Neon Lashes

When it comes to Coloured Lash Extensions, we’ve got your back with plenty of inspiration to make your lash sets pop. At London Lash Australia, we’re always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ways to make your lash sets stand out, making you the go to Lash Tech in your area. We’re excited to introduce our brand new Neon Lash Extensions! Here are some tips on how to use these bold and striking extensions for your clients.

New Neon Lashes | London Lash Australia

Neon Lashes

Let’s dive into the details of our Neon Lash Extensions. We wanted to give Lash Artists more choices and a versatile product that goes a long way. Our Neon Lashes tray includes four vibrant colours: Yellow, Green, Orange, and Pink. Each tray comes with 28 lines of lashes in mixed lengths from 8-14mm. If you’ve used our popular Mayfair 0.07 range, these lashes will feel very familiar. Perfect for volume fans up to 5D, they’re easy to fan out or use as spikes in your lash sets. Available in CC and D curls, they suit a wide range of clients and blend seamlessly into your lash maps, so you can lash away with ease.

  • When consulting your clients about neon lash extensions, be sure to mention that these lashes do not glow in the dark under normal circumstances. Instead, they light up under UV/black light exposure, making them a great choice for clients who love to showcase their beautiful extensions at festivals or special events. In regular lighting, they provide a bright pop of colour, similar to other coloured lashes.
Neon Lash Extensions From London Lash Australia

Touch of Drama

Neon extensions don’t always have to be intense, bold, and dramatic, they can be subtly beautiful too. Create stunning lash sets with accents of colour, or use them to your advantage in a lash extensions competition. These vibrant extensions are perfect for clients who want a bolder splash of colour and deserve to stand out. While neon lashes aren’t for everyone, adding a subtle accent of lash spikes or fans between layers can let your clients experiment with colour and ease into a bold look for an exciting change.

Festival Offers

Summertime is when clients often seek different types of lashes and styles. That’s why festival season is the perfect time to expand your portfolio and offer something exciting for clients who are on the lookout for the next big trend or just something a little more daring than their usual look.

Neon Lash Extensions From London Lash AU

Why not attract a new client base by offering special promos for ‘Festival Lashes’? These are perfect for clients seeking fun and drama to enhance their look for a big festival or the holiday they’ve been waiting for all winter. Neon lashes can bring a surge of clients who want just that: glamour, fun, and the chance to express themselves this summertime.

Bold & Striking

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the possibility of creating an entire lash look using only neon lashes. This might seem extreme, and there may not be many clients who want a full set of neon extensions, but you could be surprised. With the customisability and versatility of these neon lash colours, you can mix and match, create bespoke lash sets, and give your clients exactly what they want.

Neon Lash Extensions From London Lash | London Lash AU

Always consult your client and take note of their favourite colours. Our Neon Lash Trays include four stunning colours, making them a perfect addition to your lash collection for versatility and customisation. Not only will you save space with the four colours in one tray, but you’ll also save money compared to buying four separate boxes of lashes when you get our all-in-one Neon Lash Extensions tray.