Handle With Care: The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Lash Tweezers

For Lash Artists in Australia, your tweezers are as vital as your hands in applying eyelash extensions. If you've recently invested in new tweezers, it's essential to think about their maintenance. Proper care of your lash extension tweezers is key to your success as a Lash Tech. By keeping them clean and correctly stored, you not only prevent damage and tarnishing but also ensure the health and safety of your clients by avoiding the transmission of conditions like conjunctivitis between clients. Let's explore the best practices for tweezer care.

Storage Solutions

At London Lash, we understand the importance of storing your Lash Tweezers correctly, an aspect often neglected. Whether you’re a mobile Lash Tech, operating from home, or running your salon, we offer a range of storage solutions tailored to your needs.

For those with a limited tweezer collection, our Magnetic Tweezer Case is ideal. This travel friendly, acrylic case fits into any lash salon's decor. Its magnetic lid ensures durability without the risk of hinge damage or bacteria accumulation. Storing your tweezers safely and efficiently has never been easier.

For Lash Artists who specialise and have a variety of tweezers, like Isolation, Classic, Volume, or Mega Volume Tweezers, our Tweezer Holder is perfect. It keeps your tweezers upright, clean, and undamaged on your trolley. This method of storage safeguards them from dirt and bacteria, unlike leaving them on the trolley. The clear acrylic lid further protects and elegantly displays them.

Lastly, for those with extensive lash extension kits, consider our Lash Storage Organiser. Ideal for Techs who want a display worthy storage unit for their entire lash kit, it features four tweezer holder slots, two drawers, and several compartments for tools and products, perfect for those based in one location and valuing a neat lash trolley. 

Tweezer holder | London Lash Australia

Cleanliness is key

In the beauty industry, maintaining a hygienic environment is crucial, extending to your tools. As lash tweezers often contact Lash Glue, it's vital to clean them after each use. Eyelash adhesive dries quickly, and any residue reduces the tweezer's grip and precision.

Our Glue Remover for Tweezers is an essential product for any eyelash extension kit in Australia. This product simplifies the cleaning process, keeping your tweezers pristine. The 20ml bottle contains 15 ml of remover, half filled to prevent spills and features an airtight lid for longevity. Simply dip the tweezers into the remover, brush against the sponges inside, and watch the adhesive dissolve.

Glue Remover For Tweezers | London Lash Australia

Disinfection procedures

Discussing cleanliness leads to the topic of disinfection. Lash salons must uphold the same standards of tool safety and cleanliness as any beauty salon. Our tweezers, made of high quality stainless steel, are durable, corrosion resistant, and suitable for various disinfection methods like barbicide, autoclave, or disinfectant spray. This allows for a thorough sanitisation without affecting the grip, making them ideal for sterile environments. After cleaning, dry them with a lint free tissue or wipe, and allow air drying before storing to prevent tarnishing.

It's important to note that disinfection regulations can vary across Australian regions. Some areas might require complete sterilisation between clients, so always check local guidelines. If full sterilisation is necessary, consider having a backup set of tweezers.