From Classic To Creative: Incorporating Coloured Lashes Into Your Repertoire

As a lash technician, you know that colour is key. Although the cooler weather is creeping upon us, there is now no better time to introduce coloured lashes into your business - perfect your craft all in time for next summer! Whether your client just wants a pop of colour or wishes to live their full rainbow fantasy, don't let them miss out!

What are Coloured Lash Extensions?

Regardless of if you love or hate coloured lashes, you can’t deny that they are a fun and vibrant way for clients to express themselves. Dissimilar to black or brown lashes, coloured lashes contain bright pigments resulting in an eye-catching and flamboyant appearance. 

Whether it’s a fiery red mega volume lash set, or a splash of ocean blue spikes to liven up a set of wet look lashes - at London Lash we provide a gorgeous array of coloured synthetic lashes in a variety of curls and thicknesses; perfect for all of your clients' lash needs. There’s no way we haven’t got a colour option that your clients won't love!

Why Offer Coloured Lashes?

When it comes to investing in your business offerings, you want to ensure that it's worthwhile. We understand that not all of your clients will want a wild and animated set of lash extensions, but not all of your clients will want brown or black lashes either. It’s always good to give your clients the option and set yourself apart from the rest.

Eye Colour & Complexion

Coloured lashes are perfect for accentuating your clients' natural eye colour. So, let's get technical with colour theory for a second. You can find your client's complementary match by finding their eye colour on a colour wheel and choosing the shade directly across from it. For example; if your client with green eyes wants coloured lashes but isn't exactly sure what colours they want, maybe suggest rich purplespinks, or red-toned lashes. By using this technique you are guaranteed to find the perfect hue for your clients' lashes, every single time. Plus, coloured eyelash extensions can complement any skin tone; so no matter your client's complexion, they can have whatever their heart desires. 

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Bespoke Finish

Let’s say your client wants a crazy set of coloured Russian lashes with a variety of blue, green, and pink lashes included - because that’s a possibility. With vibrant lashes, the variety of styles and colours is limitless! By offering a selection of coloured lashes, your clients can come to you with bespoke requests. When it comes to fantasy lash sets, our Faux Mink Coloured Lashes are a must-have. From winter wonderland to dark fantasy - no theme is out of bounds. 

Offer a Niche

As many lash techs shy away from using bright-toned lashes, incorporating colour into your business can attract many clients who cannot find this elsewhere. Why not make a statement? Why not set yourself out from the rest? Having a personalised approach to your lash business will set you apart from other lash techs in your area. Not to mention, it's the perfect opportunity for an ace Insta pic. Your Instagram grid will be on point!

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Unreal lashes by @_prosto_mariia

Ways to Use Coloured Lashes

The ways in which you can use coloured lashes are not restricted, the options are endless! When creating a stunning set of lashes that incorporates colour you of course need to start with mapping the lashes depending on your client’s eye shape, then it’s onto the fun part! As mentioned above, there is no limit to how you can use coloured lashes but there are trending styles that you need to try.


Top Tip: Use a clear lash adhesive to avoid a harsh lash line if a seamless blend is what you're wanting to achieve. 


Highlights: A perfect combination of black and coloured lashes. This is the ultimate way to add a subtle statement to your clients' lashes. Test it out by including coloured spikes to a classic or volume set for definition.

Ombre: The perfect blend of colour. Our mixed trays are extremely helpful when choosing which colours to ombre as they feature two similar shades of lashes. By using similar colours that naturally and seamlessly melt together on the eye, an ombre lash set can be easily achieved. This lighter-to-darker effect creates a multi-tonal appearance - a true showstopper. 

Solid Colour: Solid coloured sets are for clients who bring life to the party! Bright, bold, and fierce; a solid colour across the lash band offers an unmissable statement to the face. These are ideal for festivals, music concerts, or themed events.


When the festival season comes back around you know we will be adorning, and creating, full sets of coloured lashes. So why not add a splash of colour every now and then? Go on, take the plunge.