Common Questions Your Clients Are Asking About Eyelash Extensions

We know that as lash technicians you are bombarded with questions daily, from ‘Are eyelash extensions painful?’ to 'Can I not swim, will the pool ruin them?’. Google is only a click away, but with sooo many websites saying different things, we want to set the record straight. 

From a client's point of view, they will trust their lash tech depending on how knowledgeable they seem. This is completely understandable as they are essentially trusting you with how they look. So let’s debunk these myths because most of them are! 

If your client comes to you with these questions you’ll know exactly what to say and we want you to feel comfortable in your knowledge - lash techs stick together! 

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Can I Swim With Lash Extensions?

You’ll never guess what… it's a myth that you can't! Swimming is totally safe for eyelash extensions! You probably already advise your clients not to get their lashes wet for 24 hours, which is completely correct.

After 24 hours your client can truly live their best life; go swimming, work out, and shower, as their extensions are waterproof. However, salt water and chlorine can weaken the adhesive in heavy doses, so let your client be aware of this and let them know to keep their lashes clean with a little lash shampoo each day. With a little precaution, your client can effortlessly flaunt their fluffy lashes by the poolside. Too glam to give a damn!

After 48, your clients will be able to venture into a steam room or sauna. Advise your clients not to touch their lashes whilst in humid environments, as over75°C the glue will start to soften and the bonds begin to break down, so any touching may reposition them. Your client does NOT want that, we all want a wispy set around here - we shed tears for those lost lashes 🥲

Bear in mind as well that they may feel a little bit of stinging in the eyes in the sauna if they stay too long, as the softened glue bonds will begin to emit fumes. In steam rooms, the heat mixed with the moisture will keep fumes as bay, but again, keep in mind that staying too long can cause glue to become brittle as the heat will soften it, and the moisture will cure it very quickly.

What Are Lash Extensions Made Of?

At London Lash, we are proud to say that we are a vegan and cruelty-free brand - completely animal-friendly around here! The majority of eyelash extensions on the market are made from a synthetic fibre called Polybutylene terephthalate, (PBT for short). PBT is a plastic that is water resistant, heat resistant, mouldable, and most importantly it holds its shape. Thank goodness beauty brands have mostly moved away from real mink animal fur! 

The synthetic lash fibres are also hypoallergenic, so there's no need for your client to worry about allergic reactions from the lashes. This makes itsooo much easier to determine what your client is allergic to, because it will most likely be the glue, not the lashes. When synthetic lashes have so many benefits, why use real fur? It’s 2023 people, faux is in!

Faux Mink Lashes: The cruelty-free and vegan alternative to mink lashes. Their high-quality and weightless feel mimics real mink fur. Our Mayfair Faux Mink lashes have a stunningly bold and shiny finish and are perfect for Classic and Volume lash sets, and AMAZING for when you want to create fans. 

Silk Lashes: Crafted from synthetic silk fibre, these mid-weight eyelash extensions give a natural appeal. Our gorgeous range of Chelsea Silk Lashes have a semi-matte finish and can also be used in Classic and Volume sets.

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What Are Wet Look Lash Extensions?

As the name suggests, wet-look lashes are lash extensions that look wet. Visualise a natural and hydrated open-eye look. Many of your clients’ may still believe that wet lashes are ultra-natural, but they can be as natural or voluminous as they like! Just with an extra oomph. 

Spiky and textured, these lashes will certainly quench your clients' lash addiction. Tell your clients to ditch the mascara, there is no need.

Using lighter volume lashes, create narrow fans and apply them to your client’s individual lashes. These spikes can be applied sparingly or if you're after a spiky and textured look, use closed fans on every single lash. Are we vibing a more muted, 60’s Twiggy lash trend? We think so!

Why Can't I Get My Lashes Wet After Extensions?

We usually suggest that your client waits 24 hours before they get their lashes wet. This is to make sure the lashes are properly cured. You may be asking, ‘Well, doesn't it only take a few seconds for them to cure?’ - well yes, and no. Of course, your adhesive curing time is usually 2 seconds max, but the inside of the glue bond still needs to completely cure. 

Getting too much water near the adhesive may cause shock polymerisation which is where the adhesive can become white and brittle, which doesn't look too good, and also weakens the bond. If your client follows your aftercare advice, their semi-permanent lashes could last for 4-6 weeks which we love to see! 

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Are Eyelash Extensions Uncomfortable?

Of course not! We wouldn’t be as obsessed with them if they did. The majority of clients will actually fall asleep on the lash bed as it’s way too relaxing, it's their pamper time. Your clients should look forward to their lash appointment, you are essentially their lash fairy godmother. ‘Live,lash, love’ is in full swing.

As long as you’ve correctly isolated each lash before applying the extension and you've taken the time to check for stickies at the end of your lash set, there should be no discomfort at all. Nothing from the consultation, cleansing, or lash application should be painful.

Finally, POOF, it’s like magic; your client opens their eyes and is greeted with a stunning set of lashes - Victoria’s secret model who? Oh sorry, that's just your gorgeous client with lush lashes.


We hope this little Q&A has been helpful to you, we’ve loved the deep dive. Can you believe that we have not even gotten through them all!? There are a ton of questions that your clients are asking, so if you haven’t found what you are looking for, go straight to Part 2.