Fiber Tip Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions: What’s the Big Deal?

Like so many things in the lash industry, your basic run of the mill product that anyone outside of the industry would think could be picked up anywhere for super cheap, tweezers for lash extensions can become more and more advanced. We’ve just added some fiber tip lash tweezers to our collection, but what’s so good about them, and how will they benefit you? 

Grab and Go

Any time you buy a pair of lash extensions tweezers you want to know they have decent grip, right? While we always make a point to check each and every pair of tweezers to make sure they have good grip, you do still have to find each pair’s sweet spot – that’s the specific point in the tip that provides the optimal grip for volume fans, if you didn’t know. Each pair of tweezers has its own unique sweet spot so it can take a little bit of fiddling with a new pair of lash extensions tweezers to really get to grips with how that specific pair works best. 

With fiber tip lash tweezers, the inside of the foot has a hex pattern which means that the entire surface is extra grippy, and as such serves at the sweet spot so you can get right down to lashing as soon as you open your new pair. 

They’re Still Hand Tested

Even though they’re all grip, we still take the time to hand test every single pair to make sure we’re giving you the best possible quality. We make sure both tips are equal in thickness, ensure there are no bends that might upset that grip we all want in our volume extensions tweezers, and check that there are no scuffs or scratches that’ll make your tweezers look anything less than perfect on your trolley. 

Once we’ve tested them, we disinfect them, replace their rubber tip protector and put them back in their protective box, which we put our seal of approval on, so that you can see at a glance that your tweezers have passed their inspection!

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Ultimate Grip

We mentioned grip already, we know, but why is grip so important for eyelash extensions tweezers? Well, while you’re mostly going to take notice of this when you’re making volume fans, good grip comes into everything from classic lashes and hybrid lashes to premade volume fans, easy fanning lashes, and not to mention separating stickies – the whole lot. 

Having confidence in your tweezers makes for a much better lashing experience. You know they can pick up exactly what you need, you know you won’t struggle to separate stickies, and you know that you’ll never have any issues with picking up and placing classic lashes. 

Which Will be Best for You?

Well, we hand-on-heart believe that every lash extensions kit should have a pair of Multifunctional Tweezers in it as they’re so versatile – they’re great for isolation, picking up classic lashes, making quick 2D volume fans, picking up easy fanning lashes and premade volume fans, and are also going to be a very good friend to you where separating stickies is concerned. If nothing else, these are going to be great as a backup pair of tweezers in the event that you drop your regular pair and, being as they have that extra grippy fiber tip, you won’t even have that little period of time where you have to get used to a new pair of tweezers before you can get down to lashing. 

Multifunctional obsessions aside, a Fine Tip Volume Tweezer is ideal for making any kind of volume fan in any technique – they make it quite easy to create fans using the pinching method as they provide excellent grip whilst allowing you to see exactly where you’re grabbing the fan, keeping them the exact width you’re aiming for. As they’re thinner, you’re also going to do well using these with premade volume fans as you have to pick them up in a really specific way. 

Regular Tip Volume Tweezers have been part of the London Lash Tweezer lineup since we started offering tweezers – they’ve stood the test of time, with good reason. The thicker tip gives you greater control over gripping the entire body of your volume fans, and with the fiber tip on the tweezers you never have to worry about losing one lash on the edge of a fan again. 

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A Note on Cleaning

It’s hardly a drawback, especially given all of the benefits you can expect from a pair of fiber tip lash tweezers, but there’s just one thing you should know about cleaning them which is a bit different to a standard pair of tweezers lash extensions tweezers, and that’s that due to the hex texture on the inside of the boot, you have to put a little bit more effort into cleaning then than you would a regular pair. 

We’ve put together a little bundle for each which comes with a Glue Remover for Tweezers, we just recommend that you let the tweezers soak in the remover for a little while, and then really go to town on the foam balls to remove any glue that’s gotten into the grooves! 

All things considered a fiber tip is a personal choice, but with them being the same price as a regular pair of the same type of tweezers, what do you have to lose?