Everything You Need to Know About London Lash Crystal Bond Glue

London Lash has been established with a firm commitment to educate Lash Artists of all levels, striving to deliver top-notch information and premium-quality products to our fellow Lash Techs. Unfortunately, many uncertainties persist, especially regarding products like Lash Glue. Regrettably, some Techs end up purchasing unsuitable glue without conducting proper research, resulting in poor retention and potential damage to their clients' natural lashes. However, the silver lining is that we're always eager to address your queries, aiming to foster a community where mutual education thrives. Through this, we collectively enhance our skills as lash artists, ensuring satisfied clients with enduringly beautiful eyelash extensions.

Crystal Bond Lash Glue from London Lash AU

Getting to Know Crystal Bond

Crystal Bond is our clear lash extension glue tailored for intermediate to advanced-level Lash Artists. It boasts robust adhesive properties, ideal for environments with temperatures ranging from 18-22°C (64.4-71.6°F) and humidity levels between 45-60%. With a rapid drying time of 1-2 seconds, Crystal Bond demands proficiency from its users. While beginners might desire a clear lash glue in their kit, we recommend mastering the basics with a slower drying black glue before transitioning to a faster drying or clear adhesive.

Additionally, beginners may find it challenging to work with a clear glue like Crystal Bond due to its transparency, making precise application and dipping techniques more difficult compared to using a black lash glue during the early stages of their lash journey. To develop their skills and understand lash glue better, we advise Lash Techs to pick up a copy of our Ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions Glue, a comprehensive deep dive into glue to help educate and develop the skills of a Lash Artist.

When to Use Crystal Bond Lash Glue

Upon attaining the desired expertise, Crystal Bond offers versatile applications. Frequently asked questions revolve around the suitability of clear glue for lash application. Indeed, Crystal Bond excels in adhering Colored Lashes seamlessly. Whether your client desires a vibrant Green or Pink hue or opts for a subtler look like our Black Brown Mayfair Lashes for lighter hair tones, a clear lash glue ensures a flawless, transparent bond. 

London Lash Client Review of Crystal Bond Lash Glue

While black lash glue can also be used for colored lashes, its visibility necessitates meticulous dipping to achieve a seamless outcome, making Crystal Bond a preferred choice. Whether to use clear or black lash glue for regular black eyelash extensions depends on client preferences. Clear adhesive yields a more natural lash line effect, ideal for clients seeking subtlety or those sensitive to carbon black pigment present in regular black lash glues. In such cases, having Crystal Bond on hand, free of pigment, proves beneficial. If unsure, Samples of Crystal Bond are available to facilitate decision-making without committing to a full-sized bottle.

To enhance the longevity of your lash application, consider using Superbonder Sealant post-treatment to seal the adhesive bond effectively. Superbonder complements all our eyelash adhesives, including Crystal Bond.


When using Crystal Bond less frequently than your usual black lash glue, ensure your workstation is set to optimal conditions for the specific glue being utilized. Be mindful of any temperature or humidity fluctuations, as even minor changes can impact adhesive performance.

Monitoring such variables with a Digital Hygrometer ensures consistent, optimal results with any eyelash adhesive. Always store your glue in an Airtight Container to prolong the glue’s freshness.